IDLES - 'Colossus'

IDLES have shared a new song and video this week, 'Colossus' is the first new material since their glorious self-released debut album 'Brutalism'. Check it out the video below.

Excited to see what their new material had to offer we eagerly gave it a listen. First off the track pounds out a bassline like an alarm and the overall pace seems more subdued than expected, in a great way with layers of sound grabbing you and pulling you along for the ride. The track builds in its intricacies with a full sound rising into a crescendo of angst. 

That beautiful bass is isolated and kicks back in as if the event the alarm was signalling has finally arrived. While listening along without looking at the time counter the only thought that crosses your mind is please let this be a breakdown and not the end of the track.

But it's okay "it's coming", the next part submerges you into the full on fury of their sound with a full on assault on your eardrums.

Bring on the album guys, in short, still magnificent.

Actually Colossal.

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