K. Flay - Album 'Every Where Is Some Where' Out Now

K.Flay's second full-length album 'Every Where Is Some Where' was released this week and it is full of brutally awesome attitude. 

Check out 'Blood In The Cut' here for a stomping bass-line you can't stand still to, and check out the whole album ... is as varied as it is infectiously good:

Previous single ‘Black Wave’ is also on the album, a song about; “facing something immense and menacing and choosing not to cower, but to rise up”

K.Flay explains in a statement that also sheds light on the album’s title. It reads in part: “In writing this album, I thought a lot about the places that shape us, and how, in turn, we shape those places in our minds as human beings living on earth right now. We find ourselves in a very particular situation where the planet is getting warmer, the internet is getting bigger, and the stakes are as grave as ever. The President of the United States Of America is a television celebrity who openly degrades those unlike him (non-white, non-male, non-straight, non-wealthy, non-citizen), and whose chief strategist has spent much of his career promoting white nationalism in a country meant to foster diversity and progress through tolerance."

“A president who intends to limit our freedoms, foment hatred & silence dissent and yet every place, every where, is just some place, some where. It’s all arbitrary and fucked up and sometimes lucky. I think you can understand the fact of your own smallness in this world while still celebrating the very particular singularity of who you are and where you happen to stand”

Peeling - 'Vulture's Game' New Single

Peeling have a new EP '7 Years Of Blood' coming out on May 26th., check out new track 'Vulture's Game' taken from the EP here:

Following on the heels of their late 2016 EP, 'Rats in Paradise', their second EP, features members of TOPS, Dilly Dally and Odonis Odonis.

The track 'Vulture's Game' is a brooding down tempo dream pop song constructed around guitarist and singer Annabelle Lee's winding guitar leads and layered vocals. With it's atmospheric guitar sounds it establishes the EP's haunting tone, and concerns the process of shedding the bad relationships and toxic influences that undermine you.  

"In 'Vulture's Game' the protagonist wakes up in a haze on the side of a desert road, being circled by hungry birds," says Annabelle. "Exhausted and unsure of how they got there, trying to get away but having nowhere to run to. I wrote this song about feeling trapped in bad relationships, when people are sucking up your energy. It's a reminder to remove negative influences and ditch the emotional vampires who leave you feeling drained."

Building on her work in her previous project, Mexican Slang, Annabelle began conceptualizing Peeling in the summer of 2015, writing the songs that would make up their first EP before recruiting her bandmates and recording in December of that year. 7 Years of Blood, is a sequel of sorts to the first EP, with the songs composed shortly after the tracking of 'Rats In Paradise'

The EP builds on the sound of the band's earlier release, further exploring the layered guitar textures and Lee's bruising and often confrontational songwriting style, focusing thematically on the struggle to assert your individual agency and power.

"If you add up the average time a woman spends on her period during her life, it's like 7 straight years," Lee says of the EP's title "That's an annoying thought, but also pretty powerful. Which is what this EP is about, taking control and harnessing your individual power."

Charly Bliss Set To Release 'Guppy' LP

Released April 21, 2017 'Guppy' sees New York's Charly Bliss pretty much turn any space into a classic teenage bedroom, a candy-scented safe space for extreme fits of happiness and angsty teen-level explosions of romantic ennui. The ten tracks show the band embracing all of their strengths — a combination of ripping guitars and irrepressible pop hooks, all delivered with the hyper-enthusiasm of a middle school cafeteria food fight. That every track is loaded front-to-back with sing/shout-worthy lyrics and earworm melodies is a testament to the band’s commitment to the art form of pop songwriting. Check out 'Glitter' below:

Husky Loops - 'Tempo' New Video

With their debut EP out now via Alcopop Records, London-based trio Husky Loops have shared their new video for 'Tempo'.

On the video, director Tom Ringsby & Pietro of the band said "We wanted to work with the theme of mortality and the universality of it: how we are all living under the ticking clock. In our research we found Chronophobia, the clinical term for a fear of time. This informed all choices from script, casting, locations and design. The dramatic film techniques and imagery, drawn from pop thriller and horror cinema, make the pill easier to digest, while emphasising the mounting pressure building at the back of our heads. They say the key to contentment is to live in the present, but right now’s a pretty fucked up place to be."

Explaining how they came to choose the name Husky Loops, the band explained “it means rough loops: it stems from our fascination with repetition, playing loops from a rock perspective”. They combined various words, which they thought suited them best, landing on Husky Loops - a homage to their fresh, DIY take on rich, yet simultaneously raw riffs. 

Husky Loops have recently been announced to The Kills in Europe and will also play The Great Escape Festival this May: 

13th April - Lion Records, LONDON
28th April - Handmade Festival, LEICESTER
29th April - Live at Leeds, LEEDS
30th April - City Sound, CANTERBURY
6th May - Shacklewell Arms, LONDON
19th May -  The Great Escape, BRIGHTON
26th May - Dot to Dot Festival, MANCHESTER
27th May - Dot to Dot Festival, BRISTOL
28th May - Dot to Dot Festival, NOTTINGHAM
30th May - La Mécanique Ondulatoire, PARIS
31st May - Rotown, ROTTERDAM
2nd June - Badehaus, BERLIN
3rd June - Molotow, HAMBURG
6th June - Roxy, PRAGUE*
7th June - Täubchenthal, LEIPZIG*
9th June - Vega, COPENHAGEN*
23rd July - Truck Festival, STEVENTON
19th August - Lowlands Festival, WALIBI HOLLAND
* - supporting The Kills 

Daddy Issues - New Single 'In Your Head'

Daddy Issues new single 'In Your Head' is taken from the forthcoming album'Deep Dream' which is out 19th May on Infinity Cat Records, check out the lovely fuzziness here!

When singer and guitarist Jenna Moynihan saw the phrase “Daddy Issues” scribbled on the bathroom wall of a now-defunct Nashville DIY venue, she mistakenly assumed it was the name of an all-girl punk outfit sure to become her next favorite band. Upon realizing that no such band existed, Moynihan and friends Emily Maxwell (drums) and Jenna Mitchell (bass) picked up their instruments, taught themselves how to play and started their own band. Three years later, Daddy Issues are gearing up to release their full-length vinyl debut Deep Dream, out 5/19 via Infinity Cat Recordings.

The band originally caught Infinity Cat's eye after tastemaker Casey Weissbuch offered the trio a spot on the cassette series he curates for the label, which has hosted releases from artists like Rozwell Kid, Colleen Green and Guerrilla Toss over its three-year history. Days after submitting their tape in the summer of 2015, the band signed to Infinity Cat as official artists, releasing a 7" split with Louisville band White Reaper later that year. Shortly thereafter, the band started work on Deep Dream with producer and label owner Jake Orrall (JEFF The Brotherhood, Colleen Green). Combining the sounds of '80s alternative, '90s grunge and '00s pop, Daddy Issues tackle the difficulties of friendship, heartbreak, mental health, sexual assault and a number of other issues that come with the package of youth in the modern world.


FLOBOTS - New Album 'NOENEMIES' / new Single 'Carousel'

FLOBOTS have announced the release of their new highly anticipated 4th album 'NOENEMEMIES' for 5th May and the first official single from 'Carousel' is out now, check it out here:


NOENEMIES is, without question, Flobots’ most ambitious and sophisticated statement to date - both lyrically and musically. Funded entirely by a Kickstarter campaign that garnered $31,000 over its goal, the music on NOENEMIES is undeniably Flobots music, but it’s also assuredly music made by artists who have matured and expanded their horizons. Influenced by stories shared by Flobots’ friend and longtime mentor and Southern Freedom Movement historian and professor - the late Dr. Vincent Harding, and inspired by the band’s recent grassroots community work hosting workshops, classes and keynote speeches about using collective song to build social movements, the album is a body of songs that speak to the urgency of the current moment.

Each of the tracks on the album serves as a powerful, poignant new anthem, many packed with surprises both subtle and grand. Taken as a whole, the album is enormous in breadth, enveloping and electrically charged, befitting of the finely crafted, carefully chosen words. NOENEMIES virtually begs the listener to delve and to contemplate, to share and revel. For the recording Flobots’ core trio - emcee’s Brer Rabbit (Stephen Brackett) and Jonny 5 (Jamie Laurie) and drummer Kenny Ortiz - enlisted the help of trusted musical friends to bring their vision of the album into reality. Musician/Producer Gabriel Otto worked intimately with the band to craft a distinct sonic landscape, recruiting a string section, horn players, and a gospel quintet to layer recurring motifs over the band’s signature grooves. They teamed up with founding Flobot Mackenzie Gault (viola) and longtime musical collaborator Serafin Sanchez (saxophone, keys) to co-write a number of songs. The band incorporated voices, melodies, and words from throughout their collaborations - both on and off stage - into the songs.

From the beginning, Flobots’ sound defied categorization. Weaving conscious hip-hop lyrics and classical viola solos over live instrumentation, their anthems captured attention from all directions. When Flobots first catapulted onto the global scene in 2008 with their platinum single ‘Handlebars’ from their first album release Fight With Tools, it was the fastest charting song debut by a new artist in 10 years. Released during the frenzy of that year’s election, the band’s call to envision “another America” resonated with a generation experiencing a sense of profound political and social awakening. In a span of months, Flobots went from playing at local clubs to selling out tours internationally, performing on late-night television, signing a major label record deal, and receiving constant rotation on alternative radio.

Now, a decade later and with three critically acclaimed albums under their belt, Flobots are still dedicated to creating and performing anthems for a better world. And in 2017, amidst a nation taking to the streets, for Flobots that means delivering a unique brand of protest songs. 

Nineteen Fifty Eight - Single 'Dark Blue'

Swansea's Nineteen Fifty Eight's new EP 'Dark Blue' will be released 19th May, check out the title track here:

Fiercely loyal to the world-renowned South Wales music scene from which they hail, the band spent their formative years deeply enshrined in the city which nurtured them creatively and provided them with an abundance of opportunities and friendships.

Looking up to fellow Welsh music legends like Super Furry Animals, Catatonia and The Blackout inspired them to become musicians and the continuation of success stories coming out of Wales constantly pushes them to aim to fill some pretty big shoes. In vocalist Ceryn Evans they’ve found a natural leader who might just help them break out to a wider audience.

“Swansea has created so many opportunities for us as a band,”Evans explains “and the music scene here has been great to us since we formed. We've had to dedicate every aspect of our lives to the band in order to be able to record music and take ourselves out on tours but it's all been absolutely worth it.”

Fostering a sense of personal empowerment is central to the band’s message. The result of a year of change in which the band members variously moved away from home, landed jobs, went to university, found new relationships and were met with the harsh realities of adult life, 'Dark Blue' is an examination of the anxieties of young adulthood and a defiant reaffirmation that everything will be okay; “what we really hope to get across with our music is basically just: fuck what people think of you”.

Collaborating with producer Romesh Dodangoda for the second time on their new EP gave the band the opportunity to develop their sound with someone who knew exactly what they wanted to achieve. “We had more time to play with this time around and were able to experiment with new sounds which was great,” comment the band“Romesh was extremely patient and eager to pitch in. He brought these songs to life for us.”

Taking inspiration from the now-iconic style of early 2000’s bands like Brand New, they also bring a dose of young bloods Lower Than Atlantis and PVRIS to proceedings, not just musically but in their flair for the theatrical too; “We're inspired by the way they interact with fans on and off stage and how they present themselves to the world. We love musicians that know how to put on a massive show.”

“We hope 2017 brings us a bunch of tours and festivals,”they round up“We just really wanna get our music out there and play to as many people as possible. We can't wait to release these new songs and begin our next chapter.”

READING & LEEDS 2017 - More Acts Just Added!

noel gallagher

noel gallagher

This year READING FESTIVAL is shaping up nicely with PVRIS, GOLDIE, DECLAN MCKENNA, BLACK HONEY, + over 90 more acts just confirmed.

Rock ‘n’ roll legend and an unmistakable icon of music history, Liam Gallagher will be bringing his highly anticipated solo performance to Reading and Leeds in a UK Festival Exclusive.



One of the most recognised figures in British music, his show will be an attitude filled performance fuelled with Oasis classics and tracks from his debut solo record; announcing the next huge step for the nation’s most unmissable frontman.

At such a diverse festival there really is something for everyone, all day ... all weekend!


From one generation to another, timeless drum and bass titan Goldie will make a very special stop at this year’s Reading & Leeds festivals. A true innovator for a genre and a movement, Goldie transcends British culture, with classic LP Timeless still sounding as raw and captivating as it first did upon release in 1995.



With a new album set for release, 2017 is the year Goldie returns with a bang, laid out in full colour at Reading & Leeds this summer on the BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage.

Huge headline performances will come from Kasabian, Eminem and Muse while garage rockers VANT will be making the step-up, following on from a festival-stopping set on last year’s Festival Republic Stage.

With debut album Dumb Blood radiating unstoppable hits, expect their performance at this year’s festival to be a journey into unfiltered riffs in full glory.

black honey

black honey


Grunge-tinged indie-pop pair Honeyblood will lay out tracks from second studio album Babes Never Die at the festivals.

Alt-rock sensations PVRIS will be laying out their marker for the year ahead at Reading and Leeds, as they return to the stage ahead of their long-awaited sophomore record.

After the release of debut album White Noise in 2014, their electro-infused anthems have continued to resonate with an audience of devoted fans eager for their next chapter. 

Lynn Gunn, of PVRIS said, “we are incredibly grateful to be performing again at Reading & Leeds. Our first experience at the festival was phenomenal and took us completely by surprise. We are excited to see what comes from it this time around and perhaps even play some new tunes *wink wink*”


With big names and rising favourites, including previously announced headliners You Me At Six, teenage singer-songwriter extraordinaire Declan McKenna is another new name on the bill who is most definitely primed for big things over the year ahead.

Possessing a live show that lights up packed venues and TV screens wherever he goes, and with a debut album out this summer. 

Declan said; “Reading & Leeds is definitely going to be a highlight of the year for me. Am so excited to finally be playing at a festival I love so much and have been to so many times.”



The Black Lips are also already primed for rapturous sets - the Festival Republic Stage is once again overflowing with future stars and acts possessing that special something that’ll take them to a whole new level.


Ash also return with a massive catalogue of indisputable hits at their disposal, while the transcendent grooves of US ambient-electro force Cigarettes After Sex are sure to be a highlight. 

charli xcx

charli xcx

Ash's Tim Wheeler said; "we’re very proud to announce an historic 10th appearance for Ash at the Reading festival. We first performed there in 1995 and our shows at the festival stand among our favourite shows that we’ve ever played, it’s always been a highlight of each year we’ve done it. Somewhere along the way we were promised a statue upon reaching our 10th appearance, so we’re looking forward to the grand unveiling in August!"

Trailblazing indie-noir heroes Black Honey said "we've been going to Reading and Leeds since we were little, it's where I crowd surfed for the first time and fell in love with music, it feels so fucking good to be back on the other side of the barrier again this year"

On The Pit / Lockup stage hosts a mix of fierce acts, riotous live favourites Gnarwolves, God Damn, Tired Lion, Muncie Girls, & TIGERCUB promise to take 2017 to another level.

Thom Weeks of Gnarwolves said; "we're very excited to be playing Reading and Leeds this year. It'll be our 4th time at Reading and we get to play on the stage we first played on 4 years ago! I spent my teenage years at Reading, watching bands like Thursday and Sick Of It All, so getting to play is like living out a teenage fantasy...4 times!"

Lande Hekt, Muncie Girls said: “we're so exciting to go back to Reading and Leeds this year. Last time Eminem played, Dido made a surprise appearance and amongst the thousands of shocked fans, there wasn't a dry eye to be seen. We can only hope for the same this year. Also the Lock Up stage is amazing. What a way to end our summer!”

WAVVES - New Single 'Animal'

Following the recent announcement of their new album, Wavves share their new single 'Animal', which starts in a measured cadence before escalating into a familiarly frantic pace, check it out here:

The album 'You're Welcome' is out May 19th via Wavves' own Ghost Ramp label and they are heading out on a 36-stop North American tour starting on April 21st and ending on June 6th, playing shows with both Blink-182 and fellow Ghost Ramp artist Kino Kimino along the way.

False Advertising - 'Not My Fault'

FALSE ADVERTISING are a three-piece indie band who specialise in drenching the catchiest of hooks in the fizziest of guitar-fuzz, the trio developed as much of a name for themselves as “the ultimate DIY band” (self-producing all of their own music and music videos) as they have for their energetic, guttural, instrument-swapping live dynamics.

They have revealed the video for their new single ‘Not My Fault’ (check it out below) and are looking ahead to a run of festival appearances over the coming months - full dates below:

The track is the first in a run of standalone releases that the band plan to release throughout the first half of this year, building on their caustic, fuzz-drenched approach to alternative rock carrying echoes of underground ‘90s champions Cave In, Hundred Reasons, Idlewild and Garbage.

Explaining the concept for the video, the band said: “We basically just wanted to be selfish and have a great day, so we went and spent loads of money on arcade machines, grilled cheese and alcohol. The song is about being semi-oblivious and detached from the crazy political landscape that we reside within these days, so we thought fuck it, let’s be oblivious and do whatever the hell we want to bring it to life.""We filmed, directed and edited it ourselves as we do with the majority of our music, artwork and videos. You can tell this because there is only one shot when all three of us are in it together, which we got Chris’s girlfriend Urszula to shoot for us.”

Upcoming Tour Dates:

25th March - Minifestival de Musica Independent, Barcelona
31st March - Threshold Festival, Liverpool
13th April - The Chapel, Leeds
14th April - Wales Goes Pop Festival
15th April - Stockton Calling Festival
22nd April - Wrong Festival, Liverpool

Taiwan Housing Project

Philadelphia's Taiwan Housing Project, are set to release their debut album 'Veblen Death Mask' on May 5th on LP, Cassette and digital.

Taiwan Housing Project is fronted by Kilynn Lunsford (formerly of Little Claw) and Mark Feehan (formerly of Harry Pussy) with members of Tyvek, Writhing Squares rounding out the band. 

Check out lead single 'Authentic Alien Perfume' here for some real nice bass laden, attitude drenched, noise-punk:



Kamikaze Girls - New Single 'Berlin'

Leeds-based duo Kamikaze Girls have signed to Big Scary Monsters Recording Company and will release their forthcoming debut album 'Seafoam' on 9th June 2017

Alongside the news, the band have revealed a stint of June 2017 UK tour dates with Watford indie-punks Nervus as well as a string of festival appearances including The Great Escape, 2000 Trees and Truck Festival to name just a few (full details below).

To celebrate all this, the pair have today shared a brand new video for ‘Berlin’, the first track to be taken from the record. Check it out here:

Commenting on the album, vocalist Lucinda Livingstone said: “Coming off tour in November 2016 without a penny to our name and nothing on the other side of the airport was tough. It was quite a low few months for me as I didn't have a steady place to live and we just had the album recording looming over us. I was driving myself crazy most days. We had a good routine on tour and it was just all lost. A lot of Seafoam is written from that perspective, just being in a hole with nowhere to go, feeling a bit numb to everything I guess.”

With Seafoam the band are firmly placed to deliver a record that both underpins their roots, and takes giant leaps forward in the quality and substance of their output. 2017 looks set to take things up a gear for Kamikaze Girls. Sad girls to the front.

Kamikaze Girls 2017 Tour Dates:

28th April - DIY Pop Fest, London
23rd April - Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds (Just Lucinda)
6th May - Deadpunk Fest, Bristol
20th May - Great Escape Festival
3rd June - Matrix Bar, Grimsby w/ Ghouls
10th June - Gullivers, Manchester w/ Happy Accidents + Hot Mass
20th June - Conroy’s Basement - Dundee w/ Nervus
21st June - Edinburgh - Bannermans w/ Nervus
22nd June - Wharf Chambers, Leeds w/ Nervus
23rd June - The Smokehouse, Ipswitch w/ Nervus
24th June - Sebright Arms, London (FREE) w/ Nervus
25th June - White Lion, Watford w/ Nervus
26th June - The Alex, Southampton w/ Nervus
27th June - The Hope & Ruin, Brighton w/ Nervus
28th June - Edge of the Wedge w/ Nervus
29th June - Buffalo, Cardiff w/ Nervus
6-8th July - 2000 Trees Festival (Playing on Sat 8th)
21st-23rd July - Truck Festival (Playing on Sat 22nd)
27th July - The Adelphi, Hull


Maximo Park, The Dandy Warhols, Band of Skulls, and Jesus and Mary Chain have just been added to Victorious!


Victorious (25-27 August 2017) is the UK’s biggest metropolitan festival – and today announced its third wave of artists on a burgeoning line-up that already features headliners Stereophonics, Madness and Elbow. Back with their eagerly awaited sixth studio album 'Risk to Exit' Maximo Park are known for their showmanship and exhilarating live performances. 

Special Sunday afternoon guests The Dandy Warhols will bring sun-drenched psychedelic vibes with them to Portsmouth. The veteran acid-pop leviathans are best sampled live and their blissed-out sound will be the perfect entrée to the 2017 Victorious finale.

Needing no introduction whatsoever are legendary noise-rock purveyors The Jesus and Mary Chain. With an incredible career spanning more than 30 years The Jesus and Mary Chain are one of the most influential rock bands of modern times inspiring acts from My Bloody Valentine to Radiohead. Back on tour with their first studio album in nearly 20 years, theirs will be a performance not to be missed. 

Other acts announced today include indie rock duo Band of Skulls, The Hunna, neo-psych four piece Temples, up and coming dance-indie crossover Bad Sounds and the feted Black Foxxes.

Festival director Andy Marsh said, “we thought it wouldn’t be possible to make the 2017 line-up any better but we’ve just smashed it! This third wave of acts combines solid, stone-cold legends with the very best of up and coming British indie rock. Add it to the line-up we’ve already announced with bands like Stereophonics, Elbow, The Charlatans, Franz Ferdinand and Jake Bugg not to mention the pop acts like Olly Murs and Rita Ora and Victorious has got to be the most exciting, most diverse festival programme anywhere this summer.”

Held in the spectacular seaside location of Southsea overlooking the Solent, Victorious Festival is an amazing family friendly experience with the best live acts, an enormous free kid’s arena, bustling markets, real ale, real food and a great atmosphere. With early bird tickets still available at an unbeatable £30 for Friday and £37 Saturday / Sunday, Victorious Festival remains the most fun for the family available for the price.

For tickets and details go to: www.victoriousfestival.co.uk


Perth's Tired Lion's new single ‘Cinderella Dracula’ is out now! The single swings from delicate and gentle one moment to brutal and violent the next, combining front-woman Sophie Hopes raw and emotional songwriting with the bands driving guitar and bass lines and fierce drums. 

Sophie said of the song: “This was written at a time when I felt quite lost … I guess you could call it young naivety. I was young and single, ready to experience the world with a kind of ‘youthful embrace’.  I had a one-night stand and what was meant to make me feel content just left me angry and frustrated at myself… I wrote the lyrics down whilst waiting for this guy to leave. It was awful timing but I guess it was my way of saying ‘Fuck you, can you get out of my house’. I felt like I’d garnered this split personality –one side being desperate for affection and vulnerable (Cinderella), the other being dark and well… kinda mean (Dracula).”

Production on the track comes from Violent Soho frontman, Luke Boerdam. The band are also working with Boerdam on their debut album which is due for release later this year. Discussing their collaboration, Sophie said: “I'd definitely say working with Luke has influenced our songwriting for the better. I really can't imagine recording this album without him now. We all seem to be on the same page and our visions 100% align, which is super important. He also has this way of pushing us to our limits without stepping on our toes and I guess you could say he just gets it. We’re calling him ‘Psychologist Luke’ because he’s listening to all my bullshit through the songs. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with one of the biggest rock legends in Australia.”

Tired Lion have also announced they’ll be returning to the UK and Europe for a string of shows this summer, including an appearance at The Great Escape Festival in May.

Festival Guide 2017

Washed Out Fest

When:  15th April 2017  

Where:  Brighton

Acts to check out:  Shit Present

The Great Escape

When:  18th  - 20th May 2017  

Where:  Brighton

Acts to check out:  Slaves / Cabbage / Cherry Glazerr / Eat Fast / HMLTD / Noga Erez / Blood Red Shoes / Kamikaze Girls 

Common People

When:  27th  - 28th May 2017  

Where:  Southampton

Acts to check out:  Faithless DJ Set / Kassassin Street / Black Honey

Field Day

When:  3rd June 2017  

Where:  Victoria Park, London

Acts to check out:  Run The Jewels / King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Camden Rocks

When:  3rd June 2017  

Where:  Various Venues - Camden, London

Acts to check out:  Feeder / The Damned

Isle Of Wight Festival

When:  8th - 11th June 2017  

Where:  Isle Of Wight

Acts to check out:  Run DMC / The Undertones / The Sex Pissed Dolls


When:  9th - 11th June 2017  

Where:  Donington Park

Acts to check out:  System Of A Down / Prophets Of Rage / Slayer / Creeper



When:  21st - 25th June 2017  

Where:  Glastonbury

Acts to check out:  Radiohead / Foo Fighters


BST Hyde Park

When:  1st July 2017  

Where:  Hyde Park, London

Acts to check out:  Green Day / Rancid / The Hives

Secret Garden Party

When:  20th - 22nd July 2017  

Where:  Nr. Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Acts to check out:  Metronomy / Toots & The Maytals / Kate Nash

Truck Festival

When:  21st - 23rd July 2017  

Where:  Hill Farm, Oxford

Acts to check out:  The Libertines / Slaves / Cabbage / Jamie Lenman

Wilderness Festival

When:  3rd - 6th August 2017  

Where:  Cornbury Park, Charlbury, Oxfordshire

Acts to check out:  Bonobo / Grace Jones

Boomtown Fair - Chapter 9

When:  10th - 13th August 2017  

Where:  Winchester

Acts to check out:  The Specials / M.I.A. / Cypress Hill / Earthling / Reel Big Fish

Reading Festival

When:  25th - 27th August 2017  

Where:  Reading, Berks

Acts to check out:  Eminem / Muse / Kasabian

Victorious Festival

When:  25th - 27th August 2017  

Where:  Southsea / Hampshire

Acts to check out:  Slaves / Band of Skulls / Jesus & Mary Chain / Echobelly

Noyo Mathis - Debut Album

Portsmouth's Noyo Mathis are releasing their debut album 'We Become Who We've Always Been' on April 14th. Speaking on the album title they explained it was "almost a throwaway line between the three of us. In a late night conversation while in Baltimore, after a long day of recording and too many Natty Boh beers. The footnote in an airing of grievances over what was at that time Trump's march towards candidacy, what was then only an impending Brexit referendum and the resulting frustrations, back when optimism seemed far easier."

Listen to 'Toothache' here, the first track taken from the upcoming album:

The album was conceived over a period of two years, from practice rooms to the stage and finally to the studio in Baltimore. "this album is something of which we are immensely proud. We poured everything we had into its creation, culminating in our travelling to Baltimore to work with J. Robbins, a producer we all admire and a wonderful human being."

The album moves from the rollicking, math-inspired riffs of 'Morning' and 'Turn', through the crushing heaviness of 'Forest Fires' and softer balladry of 'Please'. On the making of the album they said "The record itself represents not only the efforts of five years of songwriting, but our personal reflections of the many changes that took place in our lives during that time; hardships and depression, anxiety and loss, but also the hope that followed and the pursuit – and discovery - of real happiness. The songs, for us, are a letter to the self; a reminder of who we are, who we've been before and everything we've experienced, but with the knowledge in hindsight that we can strive to not only maintain our happiness, but to let it flourish."


Washed Out Festival 2017

Washed Out Festival 2017 is shaping up nicely with bands performing over 5 stages in Brighton on April 15th.

shit present

shit present

Venues include: Sticky Mikes Frog Bar - The Prince Albert - The Royal Pavilion Tavern - The Cowley Club - The Latest Music Bar ... heres  the stage splits!

Royal Pavilion Tavern Pub

Rough Hands
Negative Measures
The Divorcée



The Prince Albert

Modern Rituals
Pet Grief
Brvce Willis
Low femme 

Latest Music Bar

His and Hers
Bloody Death
Chapter of Wolves
Bitch Theme
Ezekiel Doo

The Green Door Store

Ducking Punches
Happy Accidents
Shit Present
Taco Hell

The Green Door Store free acoustic stage

Thom Weeks (Gnarwovles)
Sim Williams
Kathryn (Fresh)
Max William
George Phillips (Sad Blood)
Matt Harris

sim williams

sim williams

Sticky Mike's Frog Bar w/ Failure By Design Records

Headliner TBC
Gender Roles
Night Swimming

Skating Polly - New EP / 'Hail Mary' Video

Skating Polly have just announced a new EP 'New Trick' which is out 28th April, co-written by Veruca Salt's Louise Post & Nina Gordon.
Tacoma, Washington-based Skating Polly's new EP, 'New Trick' was co-written by Veruca Salt’s Louise Post & Nina Gordon and the first taste has just gone online with track & accompanying video, ‘Hail Mary’, check it out here:

The video also sees the stepsister duo of Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse welcome their brother Kurtis Mayo to the band. Playing mostly on drums, the new expanded line up frees the band to fully realize their live potential, whilst continuing to trade instruments.


Following the 2016 release of their highly acclaimed album 'The Big Fit', the duo found themselves on the receiving end of glowing admiration from Veruca Salt’s co-front-women Louise Post and Nina Gordon, who had reached out looking to collaborate.  

A dream come true, the band soon joined Post and Gordon in Los Angeles for a writing session, where the four musicians hit it off instantly and soon entered the studio with Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Sunny Day Real Estate, Smashing Pumpkins) to record the three new tracks that make up 'New Trick'.

The EP’s artwork is appropriately provided by famous 1970’s punk-era photographer and co-founder of Slash magazine Melanie Nissen, with the vinyl including a B-side etching hand-drawn by the band.

The collaborative effort helped the stepsisters, who often trade off on instruments and lead vocals, to push the boundaries of their songwriting while maintaining the honest and genuine sound that is such an undeniable part of the band’s DNA.  

It’s that same sincerity that has helped the band accrue a mass of fans over the last six years and four albums; counting fellow artists like John Doe, JD McPherson, Shirley Manson, Django Django, Meredith Graves, Kate Nash, Wavves, and the actor Viggo Mortensen among them.

Originally from Oklahoma, Kelli & Peyton are self-taught multi-instrumentalists, driven by the idea that they could create full songs with just the two of them in a shared bedroom.  Citing female-fronted alternative acts such as The Breeders, L7 and Veruca Salt, Skating Polly share the unique ability to blend melodic hooks over loud and aggressive instrumentation.

Skating Polly’s song-first mentality, attention to melody, and incredible understanding of dynamics has been brought to the forefront this time around, matching their intense and engaging live shows.  

We first saw them on tour with Babes In Toyland where they totally blew the crowd away (link below) and hope to see them back in the UK soon!

EAT FAST - 'Scrambled Egg' Single / EP / Tour

EAT FAST have signed to CANNIBAL HYMNS (the home of DREAM WIFE, OUR GIRL, ABATTOIR BLUES) for their EP 'IMMORTAL KOMBAT' which is due out 19/5 on limited 12" Vinyl and are playing THE GREAT ESCAPE (full dates below). Check out the EP's lead single 'SCRAMBLED EGG' here: 

The EP's bruising lead single 'Scrambled Egg' was released today, recorded in bedrooms and studios around their home suburb, Newcastle's Byker, Immortal Kombat is a document to the limitations of self-love; the pathology of loneliness in the modern world; the intrinsic need to connect and identify with other human beings; and of course, death, and how our approach to mortality affects the way in which we love. Sewn together across six tracks of squirming guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, taut vocals and razor witted lyrics, Immortal Kombat is EAT FAST on their leanest and most succinct form yet.

Layering lo-fi garage aesthetics on top of pop song arrangements, EAT FAST was originally intended solely as the recording project of Adam Pearson, but 2016 saw EAT FAST develop into a live band, with Pearson cutting short a PhD in contemporary poetry at the University of St. Andrews to move home and bring friends Mark Brown, James King and John Edgar into the fold. 

With influences ranging from Basil Bunting to The Cure, EAT FAST mix sugar-drenched harmonies with Pearson’s dark lyrical content. 

EAT FAST - Immortal Kombat EP - out 19/05/17 via Cannibal Hymns
1. One Life Left (Pt2)
2. Immortal Kombat
3. Scrambled Egg
4. Flummox
5. Luck Pusher
6. Alone In The Sun

Catch EAT FAST live at the following dates: 

9 April | The Tyne Bar, Newcastle
14 April | Stockton Calling, Stockton
29 April | Live At Leeds, Leeds
19 May | The Great Escape, Brighton
20 May | The Great Escape, Brighton
27 May | Evolution Emerging, Newcastle
21 July | Deer Shed Festival, Topcliffe
29 July | Kendal Calling, Lowther Deer Park

WEEZER - UK Tour 2017

Weezer are back for some headlining UK shows (with a very special guest still to be announced): 

23rd October - Leeds, UK @ Academy
24th October - Glasgow, UK @ O2 Academy
25th October - Manchester, UK @ O2 Apollo
27th October - Birmingham, UK @ O2 Academy
28th October - London, UK @ SSE Arena, Wembley

The 'Feels Like Summer' Tour announcement is accompanied by a new single of the same name from the new album, due out this Summer.

Feels Like Summer Lyrics:

Climbing up the tower
Just a boy and his computer
I’m still in my bathrobe
Hiding in the shadows
I’m not used to losing
Bye, bye, sugar blue eyes
You’re home with the angels
Thank you for being so kind

I’m holding on and I don’t want to let you go
Yeah it feels like summer
Yeah it feels like summer to me
Yeah it feels like summer
Yeah it feels like summer to me
And she was a lover to me, to me, to me, to me

Which way is the graveyard? 
I’m an iceberg with a warm heart
Im spiritual, not religious
Im a Libra, if it matters
Shattered by an email
Your words will fade away
Castle built in the sand
Will only last one day

I’m holding on and I don’t want to let you go
Yeah it feels like summer
Yeah it feels like summer to me
Yeah it feels like summer
Yeah it feels like summer to me And she was a lover to me

June bride, shine so bright
Flowers in her hair, but it just ain’t right
June bride, shine so bright
Flowers in her hair, we look good together
We look good together

Yeah it feels like summer
Yeah it feels like summer to me
And she was a lover to me
Let me see the smile, stay with me awhile
I cried for you, you were the song in my life
Let me see the smile, stay with me awhile
I cry for you, you were the song in my life