Reef, The Wildhearts & Terrorvision UK Tour - May 2018

"In a glorious collision of anthemic British rock, three of the most entertaining, feel-good and party-hard bands the UK has produced are coming together to wage war on boredom, mediocrity and probably each other" this month.

Following huge demand, Reef, The Wildhearts & Terrorvision, added 3 extra nights to their tour in Leeds, Bristol and Portsmouth. 

Terrorvision's Tony Wright said; "It’s going to be great to find out what was going on in the 90s and what it sounded like. I’ve seen the pics and so I know we were there – but to experience it first-hand will be ace!"

Reef’s Gary Stringeron the tour; "Really amped to be hitting the road this May and joining up with the guys from Terrorvision and The Wildhearts, it’s gonna be a blast! See you there, happy  days."

Ginger  of  The  Wildhearts throws down the challenge; "We are honoured to be a part of this legendary tour. Mainly because it means that we’re still alive, but also because it gives us a chance to prove that we were always the best band of this whole bunch."

Tour Dates:






Tickets  are  available  NOW  via  this  link Place  Your  Hands  high,  drink  Tequila,  neck  a  Caffeine  Bomb  and  find  out  which  heavyweight  champion  will  crush  the  opposition.  Pick  sides  as  Britrock  Must  Be  Destroyed!!