Peeling - 'Vulture's Game' New Single

Peeling have a new EP '7 Years Of Blood' coming out on May 26th., check out new track 'Vulture's Game' taken from the EP here:

Following on the heels of their late 2016 EP, 'Rats in Paradise', their second EP, features members of TOPS, Dilly Dally and Odonis Odonis.

The track 'Vulture's Game' is a brooding down tempo dream pop song constructed around guitarist and singer Annabelle Lee's winding guitar leads and layered vocals. With it's atmospheric guitar sounds it establishes the EP's haunting tone, and concerns the process of shedding the bad relationships and toxic influences that undermine you.  

"In 'Vulture's Game' the protagonist wakes up in a haze on the side of a desert road, being circled by hungry birds," says Annabelle. "Exhausted and unsure of how they got there, trying to get away but having nowhere to run to. I wrote this song about feeling trapped in bad relationships, when people are sucking up your energy. It's a reminder to remove negative influences and ditch the emotional vampires who leave you feeling drained."

Building on her work in her previous project, Mexican Slang, Annabelle began conceptualizing Peeling in the summer of 2015, writing the songs that would make up their first EP before recruiting her bandmates and recording in December of that year. 7 Years of Blood, is a sequel of sorts to the first EP, with the songs composed shortly after the tracking of 'Rats In Paradise'

The EP builds on the sound of the band's earlier release, further exploring the layered guitar textures and Lee's bruising and often confrontational songwriting style, focusing thematically on the struggle to assert your individual agency and power.

"If you add up the average time a woman spends on her period during her life, it's like 7 straight years," Lee says of the EP's title "That's an annoying thought, but also pretty powerful. Which is what this EP is about, taking control and harnessing your individual power."