K. Flay - Album 'Every Where Is Some Where' Out Now

K.Flay's second full-length album 'Every Where Is Some Where' was released this week and it is full of brutally awesome attitude. 

Check out 'Blood In The Cut' here for a stomping bass-line you can't stand still to, and check out the whole album ... is as varied as it is infectiously good:

Previous single ‘Black Wave’ is also on the album, a song about; “facing something immense and menacing and choosing not to cower, but to rise up”

K.Flay explains in a statement that also sheds light on the album’s title. It reads in part: “In writing this album, I thought a lot about the places that shape us, and how, in turn, we shape those places in our minds as human beings living on earth right now. We find ourselves in a very particular situation where the planet is getting warmer, the internet is getting bigger, and the stakes are as grave as ever. The President of the United States Of America is a television celebrity who openly degrades those unlike him (non-white, non-male, non-straight, non-wealthy, non-citizen), and whose chief strategist has spent much of his career promoting white nationalism in a country meant to foster diversity and progress through tolerance."

“A president who intends to limit our freedoms, foment hatred & silence dissent and yet every place, every where, is just some place, some where. It’s all arbitrary and fucked up and sometimes lucky. I think you can understand the fact of your own smallness in this world while still celebrating the very particular singularity of who you are and where you happen to stand”