KATE NASH - Portsmouth 17th February 2017 - LIVE

It's not often enough an artist can make you laugh, fill you with admiration and deliver beautifully honest storytelling through their music all at once, so watching Kate Nash live was always going to be a great experience. 

Support came from Gothic Tropic with their brand of laid back indie. 

Kate Nash started the set with 'Sister' which starting off slow and sultry Kate's vocal ringing out strong as the tempo ramped up and her vocals got more edgy giving that perfect girl gang attitude, "Oh I'm sorry is that too dramatic".

Next up 'Death Proof' had a moody bassey feel with dreamy voiced harmonies and a retro edge, as if L7 did a pop song in the 60's - and that is a really good thing! The contrast between Kate's varied influences all mesh together into Kate's own individual style and clearly shows how she does exactly what she wants - which is the essence of Riot Grrrl to us.

Seconds into 'Mouthwash''s wonderfully simple piano intro the crowd were captivated, the rallying cry call to arms .. we've all been there "singing uh-oh on a Friday night ... and I hope everything's going to be alright" the whole room sang along in unison.

The retro girl-group vibe of 'Do-Wah-Doo' again contrasts the old and new musical styles picking out the best elements of each along with the ever amusing jovial lyrics "Everyone thinks that girl is so fine ... I think she's a bitch", by now the set was in full swing and a perfect time for some surf-rock handclaps.

The chilled start and twangly guitars of 'OMYGOD!' builds into yet another pure pop masterpiece telling tales of acting like you are fine when all is not as it may seem on the surface, "I'm so happy ... oh my god I really really miss you".

'Birds' is a beautifully delicate song, telling of simple pleasures found in the everyday - a tale of falling in love that is honest and touching yet still retains a great sense of humour. 

Before 'Musical Theatre ' a song about mental health Kate stopped the crowd to promote the charity MIND. She had some volunteers that had come forward through Twitter going arlround to raise awareness. It is great to see such an influential artist highlighting such an important charity, saying you're not alone in the hope of reducing the stigma about talking about mental health issues "if you can love yourself it is easier to love others".

Kate dedicated the impassioned angry song 'Dickhead' to Snapchat who it seems had recently used 'Foundations' on a filter without asking permission. She went on to say that "rich f***ing c***s think they can do anything ... that's why we have Trump ... we have to stand up for ourselves". Having not been on a label for 5 years now, Kate thanked the audience for their continued support and said going it alone is hard work but ultimately empowering. 

'Foundations' plinky plonk innocence was chirpy, pure and catchy as hell. The lyrics and engaging attitude again shines through, how can you not love a song that has a line "yeah intelligent input darlin' why don't you just have another beer then".

Kate invited 'Supervet' onto the stage, someone who she had met earlier in the day and she had assisted in a dachshund called Slinky's spinal surgery. Kate is an avid animal lover, 'My Little Alien' is about her dog. 

Honest and sensitive, smart and engaging, jovial and sweary, inspiringly upbeat, Kate's vixen voiced, highly relatable to girl gang set was a really great show.