PAWS/ Frightened Rabbit - Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms Dec 2016

Glasgow 3-piece PAWS have had a busy year touring the release of their album 'No Grace'. Supporting Frightened Rabbit with their indie rock catchy hooks check out our gallery below.  Stand out song of the set was 'Erreur Humaine' about "not dwelling in the past so much", previously hearing the track recorded it did not really pack a punch so much as other songs but live it really transformed into something rousing. PAWS played a great all round set, pretty straightforward musically upbeat while lyrically debating and contemplating life's struggles. 

Scottish indie rockers Frightened Rabbit treated us to an atmospheric beast of a set at a packed out Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. It did feel like a mid-week date night for a good few of the crowd ... Frightened Rabbit are the kind of band with a broad enough appeal with their style of music lending itself to couples enjoying their set together which is nice to see! Sensitive enough building, poetic songs with a decent edge and entertaining intelligence were the iorder of the night and singer Scott Hutchison's lovely thick Glasgow accent adds a great texture. The Glasgeee contingent were out in full force and there was a brilliant banter atmosphere, at one point there were requests for the song 'Jesus' ... "It's not on the setlist ... you can keep shouting it but your chances of us playing it aer getting slimmer!". Scott was expert at tasking the banter and raising a laugh from it the crowd chanted "I love Scotland!!!" to which they retorted "that doesn't matter to me!". You could tell the band were really enjoying the set too "it really doesn't feel like a Monday" ... "it's Tuesday" came the response, "Well it;'s my concert, if I say it's Monday, then it is". They went on to talk about Radio 2's Ken Bruce saying he's "mildly misogynistic" and the audience were all in on the joke ... they really know their demographic. Altogether a great night we would definitely check them out again.