Bar Creeps Beer-based Camden Rocks Playlist!

As they ready themselves for the annual carnage that is Camden Rocks, London’s latest skate-punks Barcreeps have put together an essential ‘good mix’ of songs about beer for us in preparation for their performance at Camden’s Good Mixer as part of the festivities. We can raise a glass to that!

Here's the playlist they have curated exclusively for us with a few words from the band on their reasons for their choices:

NOFX: ‘Beer Bong’ picked by (Hendricks - guitar)

Terrible lyrics and pretty badly recorded, this song reminds me of my irresponsible, beer drinking, teenage self. I used to make homemade beer bongs with bits purchased from DIY stores. My finest creation was a 6ft monster with a fire hose valve which could take about four cans of beer. There was a lot of vomiting most Friday nights.


Thin Lizzy: ‘Got To Give It Up’ (picked by Hendricks)

Moving on from ‘Beer Bong’, this is a classic Lynott ode to the destructive power of drink and drugs. Dark lyrics and a cry for help guitar solo in the middle and end create a real sense of desperation and regret.



Minor Threat: ‘Straight Edge’ (picked by Hendricks)

Continuing on the same trajectory, ‘Straight Edge’ is a declaration of abstinence from mind altering substances, not for any other reason that following the intoxicated crowd stops you being an effective and in touch human. When the middle classes are all getting out of their mind on drink and drugs it's the ultimate form of rebellion.



The Replacements: ‘Here Comes A Regular’ (picked by Bannister - vocals and guitar)

The devastating effects of alcoholism on a person's mental and physical health have never been so romantically told. All hail Westerberg.



The Queers: ‘I Only Drink Bud’ (picked by Bannister)

Joe Queer has tried 'em all, making him a veritable authority on beer. Heineken, apparently, tastes like skunk piss - who knew?!


ZZ Top: ‘Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers’ (picked by Campari - drums)

A rock'n'roll lifestyle anthem. With one of the cheesiest guitar riffs of all time it perfectly captures how being a rocker it is not just playing in a band.


Ratos de Porão: ‘Beber Atè Morrer’ (picked by Campari)

Your life is a shambles? Your boss kicked you out from work? Your partner left you? You can't go back home as your house is burning? Just drink, drink until you die!



Toy Dolls: ‘The Lambrusco Kid’  (picked by Campari)

Fun band, sad story. Maybe you should consider a better type of wine…



The Bouncing Souls: ‘Holiday Cocktail Lounge’ (picked by Railgrind - bass)

Bannister once tried to take me to this bar in Manhattan just because of this song. I was too young and my fake ID was too lame. They didn’t serve me.



Black Flag: ‘Six Pack’  (picked by Railgrind)

I got a six pack and I don’t need you



Dead Kennedys: ‘Too Drunk To F**k’  (picked by Railgrind)

This song needs zero explanation!


BarCreeps play the Camden Good Mixer at 9pm, Saturday June 4th as part of Camden Rocks