Slowcoaches - Interview / Exclusive Tour Pics

We caught up with Heather from Slowcoaches this week to find out more on what they are all about after discovering their refreshingly raw yet melodic single "Ex Head" check it out below:

Slowcoaches are a 3-piece from Leeds and having already been in for a 6Music session with the legendary Marc Riley we're excited to see what's next for this band who have a great energetic sound filled with boundless attitude ...

Hey Heather, so how did you come together, how long have you been going?

Me and Matty met in Leeds - we just found each other one evening. We’ve been playing music together for about 4 years.

Are you very collaborative in your song-writing process … do you share the same influences mainly and would you say you listen to a range of genres generally? 

I’d say that Matty is the real bones of the music - the substance and I kind of mould it and shape it and give it words but it varies from song to song. In terms of influences, I mean we have cross overs - bands we like that are the same and then we have a lot of music that we aren’t as familiar with as the other. Matty is really knowledgeable about weird electronic music for example. At the moment I mainly like to listen to buddhist chanting.

Is there anyone in particular you would say are so influential that if they didn't exist you wouldn't be doing what you are now?

For me, I don’t think that the reason I play in a band is down to one person. Its a series of events and people thatguide youth want to play music. I’d say when we started Slowcoaches, I was listening to a lot of musicians who really convinced me that anyone could create art; Patti Smith, Daniel Johnson, Stephen Malkmus, Scout Niblett, Liz Phair, The Germs, Black Flag, Butthole Surfers, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Die Kreuzen. Loads of stuff and I just though, ‘I want to do that’.

Sometimes inspiration can be found in the strangest of places … anything outside of music that really gets your creative juices flowing?

I like watching documentaries about creative people and serial killers and cults and stuff.

Are your songs sometimes autobiographical or social comment? Do you have a general message you would like people to hear?

I’d say that all our songs have an autobiographical or observational element. Each song has a different subject matter but I tend to write about a lot of things at once so some songs are about like, 3 or 4 or 5 different things that are going on at the same time. All of our lyrics are about life experiences.

What first turned you on to music in a big way? 

My parents always played lots of music in the car and stuff. I remember dancing to The Beatles with my dad in the living room when I was like 3 and thinking the lyrics were really insane. I guess when I got to about 14 - I bought a copy of Kill Em All and I never looked back. 

Is there a band /artist at the moment really inspiring musically, or that you think will go far this year / would like to see more of?

Radical Boy

How do you see the music scene generally in 2016. Is there anything you would change if you had a chance?

It’s thriving. I mean there are a lot of bands that seem to see a certain criteria for a certain band and slot themselves quietly and prettily in to it but there are also loads of bands ‘breaking that mould’ all the time.

I don’t specifically want to change anything about the scene. We just operate as a unit and the way that we behave dictates how people interact with us and experience our music. We create throw away tunes for a rotten generation. We seek to destroy the idea of women musician as ‘novelty’. We reject the marriage of high fashion and music for profit. We exist to entertain ourselves and if anyone else enjoys that then they’re welcome to.

If you had to describe each band member (including yourself) in just three words, what would they be?

Me: Early, Leggy, Blonde

Matty: Late, Leggy, Blonde

What’s next for 2016 … have you got any new releases coming up or are you off out on the road? 

We just came back from an awesome UK tour ... our debut Album, Nothing Gives is out this year and we’ve got a bunch of shows coming up. We may tour fully again before the year is out ... here are the upcoming dates:

9th June The Dome, Tufnell park

2 July* London, Moth Club

3 July* Brighton, Hope & Ruin

*with PAWS

22nd - 24th July Tramlines Festival, Sheffield

Thanks Heather!

We can't recommend highly enough you check them out, although we have yet to see them live we are pretty sure catching them live will only fuel what is already a firey fierce sonic experience ... especially with Loud Noises favourites PAWS on the dates above!

Slowcoaches gave us exclusive pics from their recent UK tour where they hung out with Radical Boy, took in the beautiful Edinburgh and chilled in the cinema when Matty wasn't playing with his pedals ... so tide yourselves over until they hit the road again next month and get these in your eyeballs and this in your ears!