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The Pink Slips – Interview with Grave by Sam Taylor

We caught up with Grave aka Grace McKagan the 17 year old front woman for up and coming pop-punk band The Pink Slips. With influences cited as Blondie, No Doubt and The Kills we were really excited to check out their set at Download Festival this June in the UK's legendary Donnington Park.

Sam: So, is it your first time here to Download?

Grave: No, I went last year but I think it's super cool as it is the first festival I've ever played, so really excited.

Sam: What do you think of women in punk and rock generally, have you experienced any prejudices?

Grave: I guess, I don't really pay attention to that. It's kinda like if people would be more respectful to you, like sometimes in soundcheck some sound guys are really f***ing rude. It's quite ridiculous, I don't know if it's just cause I'm a girl or what but they'll be like “sweetie … don't do that”

Sam: Growing up what were your musical influences?

Grave: I would definitely say David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper and there are so many more.

Sam: What was the first CD you bought?

Grave: Hilary Duff, Metamorphosis, I rememer it in like 3rd grade 'cause I knew how to spell it, and it's a really nice album, so it's pretty cool.

Sam: Is there anyone you're really into at the moment?

Grave: Someone I'm really into at the moment, I love Charli XCX's new album, she's so cool, it's so good, I'm all over it.

Sam: Do you think you are more anchored to female bands, and coming from Seattle the whole grunge thing, how do you stand on that? That was really a time when women in bands were really exploding onto the scene

Grave: Well I was born in '97 so I missed all that. I do love grunge music a lot of it was produced in Seattle where I'm from but no-one in particular stands out from that, I know Bikini Kill were around at that time but I wouldn't really classify them as grunge.

Sam: Is there anything you're amazingly passionate about that you want to tell us about?

Grave: My band!

Sam: Of course, we'llbe checking you out later today, looking forward to it!

Sam: Your band's name The Pink Slips, what is the meaning and how did that come about?

Grave: The name was kinda a joke, it's supposed to be like when you're fired from your job, and it's not like the worst thing in then world that can happen. We just thought it was funny and didn't really think about it that much.

Sam: Awesome thank you so much for talking to us. Looking forward to your set later!

So we went to check out The Pink Slips set and were not disappointed! Grave is the daughter of Duff McKagan but really is a force in her own right.

With the catchy “Googlie Eyes”, and full on sass of “Foxy Feline” Grave's confident stage presence was entrancing.

Ending with epic stage theatrics Grave whipped out the fake blood for a full on death on stage. She's a femme fatale, she's a foxy feline … meow!

We are expecting to see loads more from The Pink Slips, their debut EP “Say L' or Venus” is out now we strongly advise you to check it out!