Death From Above - 'Outrage! is Now' / 'Never Swim Alone'

Death From Above's new single 'Never Swim Alone' is out now check it out here, Sebastien Grainger and Jesse F. Keeler shot the video on a phone in a hotel room in London and it's the precursor to the new album 'Outrage! Is Now' which is out 8th September. 

Earlier this year Seb's side-band American Lips released 'Kiss The Void' debut album, there was a DFA single 'Freeze Me' back in June which all led up to their highly anticipated 3rd studio album, the first since 2014. Exciting times!

Lyrics: "Babies in biker jackets, Laptops and dark sunglasses, Cocaine brunch, no reservation, Pull up with my ceiling missing, Valet park my hump machine, Backseat conceive, so unclean, Plug it in like USB, Eighteen years, f*ck being free, Can you hold these scrolls for me? Useless masters and degrees, Scroll down to go for a ride, Comment section suicide, There’s got to be another one coming, Another generation, Ready for the revolution, Or a change of station, Never Swim Alone ... Pray to American Idol, YouTube haircut so in style, Sodastream spray ricochet, In your face like: “It’s Ok!”, It’s my party, I’ll cry all day, So in touch with Rinpoche, Climb the mountain, password saved, Satan is my user name, Never Swim Alone"