PEELING - 'Wandering Womb'

Peeling's latest EP, 7 Years of Blood, was released on Friday on Buzz Records, and today have released a video for the EP's track 'Wandering Womb'. The EP is the second release from the band, which is led by singer/guitarist Annabelle Lee and features members of Dilly Dally and TOPS, following on the heels of the band's 2016 Buzz Records debut EP, Rats In Paradise.

The 'Wandering Womb' video, which was directed by Lee, and shot by Preoccupations' drummer Mike Wallace in Joshua Tree National Park, sees Lee and guitarist Alana DeVito, clad in menstrual blood smeared bridal gowns, walking together through the desert with rifles in what Noisey describes as "a they are aggressively pursuing this barren landscape, away from thoughts derived by men who don't understand their bodies."

The EP builds on the sound of the band's earlier release, further exploring the layered guitar textures and Lee's bruising and often confrontational songwriting style, focusing thematically on the struggle to assert your individual agency and power, "If you add up the average time a woman spends on her period during her life, it's like 7 straight years," Lee says of the EP's title "That's an annoying thought, but also pretty powerful. Which is what this EP is about, taking control and harnessing your individual power."