New Beat Fund - New Single 'Brix'

LA's New Beat Fund are best friends and brothers as well (half of them by blood) their 2015 album Sponge Fingerz was an eclectic mix from across the musical spectrum culminating in their self-styled 'G-Punk' genre.

They defy genre definition with vibes that jump between surf rock, funky dub breakdowns, catchy indie pop, hip hop beats and punk. “It’s not just punk rock, or indie, or weird ass psychedelic art. We were all exposed to different things growing up, so we didn’t choose to only go in one direction,” says Shelby.

“We don’t claim any certain scene,” adds Michael, “and that’s kind of what we represent as a band, especially for kids who are figuring out who they are and where they fit in this weird ass world. We can hang with all of it and show people that’s OK to do. Let’s play how we play as individual musicians, and let’s write about our lives and go in that direction and not think about it too much. And this is what came out.”

Jeff sums it up like this; “We want everyone to be into our music. The word ‘pretentious’ is the worst fucking word I have ever heard. We want people to feel at home when they come to our shows, like they can do whatever they want at a New Beat Fund show. We want to be an unpretentious band that makes people feel honest emotions. Come to our show and join an experience and let you just be you. Have a good time and relate to our music.”

The band have just issued an official challenge on Facebook saying: "We have met a lot of rad ass people along the way. Consider yourself to be directly called out. NBF challenges you to film a video to “BRiX” and share your HEAD BANG. This shit is supposed to be fun so don’t take yourself too serious and make it funny, sexy, badass, or whatever is you. Just be you."

Check out the track 'Brix' here; "if I trip don't break my fall, I make my bed in alcohol". Genius.