Human Tooth - Debut Single

Weekend Denim announced the signing of Newcastle's Human Tooth last month, alongside their raucous first single 'Undo Drag'. Today, the Geordie quartet release 'TRAMM'. Twisting and turning with acidic vocals wrapped around helter-skelter guitars, 'TRAMM' provides a battering counterpart to 'Undo Drag's comparatively honeyed melodies.

Human Tooth began in the mind of Scott Harrison in a bedroom in Barcelona. Having moved to the Catalan capital to escape the grey skies and drudgery of Newcastle, it wasn’t long before inspiration had reared it’s head.

With dozens of songs written and an itch to show them to the world, Scott, bored with relentless sunshine, glorious beaches and big mountains, returned to Newcastle to start a band - in the city where friends and collaborators EAT FAST had already laid solid foundations with their bristling, haywire pop choruses. He recorded the first two singles in a cold and dingy asbestos-filled practice room and soon after formed the rest of the band with school friends Sam Megahy,Andrew Metcalfe and James King. Still only two tracks and one gig young, their blown out blend of fizzy punk and pop hooks make them ones to look out for.