The Franklys - On Tour / Album 'Are You Listening?'

The Franklys debut album ‘Are You Listening?’ is due to be released on June 23rd on Hälta Hälta Records. The album finds Swedish Jennifer Ahlkvist and Fanny Broberg, along with East Anglian bassist Zoë Biggs and drummer Lexi Clark at their full creative tilt.

They describe how the album encapsulates their live energy; “we made a conscious decision to try and make as versatile record as possible with a mixture of energetic pop rock songs together with garage, punk, indie, hard rock and funk. Listening to it from start to finish really is a journey through all stages of our live show ... “we have finally managed to transfer the energy and how we sound live on to a record.”


The Album Cover ...

The artist behind the striking artwork on the album is Cal Sino in Australia; “he's just freaking amazing! He usually does some sort of alien erotica animation, but agreed to do something different and unique for us, and we couldn't be happier with the result”

To celebrate the release of 'Are You listening?', The Franklys are embarking on an extensive tour, catch them at the below dates:

24th May Full Moon Cardiff
25th May Cavern Club Exeter
26th May Voodoo Lounge Stamford
27th May The Doghouse Nottingham
28th May The Golden Fleece Chelmsford
31st May Crauford Arms Milton Keynes
1st June Underground Bradford
2nd June Star Inn Guilford
3rd  June Camden Rocks London
7th June Firebug Leicester
8th June Lending Room Leeds
9th  June Fibbers York
10th June Jumpin' Jacks Newcastle
8th July Tannerfest Festival
5th August Verve Bar Leeds
6th August Rebellion Festival