Noyo Mathis - Debut Album

Portsmouth's Noyo Mathis are releasing their debut album 'We Become Who We've Always Been' on April 14th. Speaking on the album title they explained it was "almost a throwaway line between the three of us. In a late night conversation while in Baltimore, after a long day of recording and too many Natty Boh beers. The footnote in an airing of grievances over what was at that time Trump's march towards candidacy, what was then only an impending Brexit referendum and the resulting frustrations, back when optimism seemed far easier."

Listen to 'Toothache' here, the first track taken from the upcoming album:

The album was conceived over a period of two years, from practice rooms to the stage and finally to the studio in Baltimore. "this album is something of which we are immensely proud. We poured everything we had into its creation, culminating in our travelling to Baltimore to work with J. Robbins, a producer we all admire and a wonderful human being."

The album moves from the rollicking, math-inspired riffs of 'Morning' and 'Turn', through the crushing heaviness of 'Forest Fires' and softer balladry of 'Please'. On the making of the album they said "The record itself represents not only the efforts of five years of songwriting, but our personal reflections of the many changes that took place in our lives during that time; hardships and depression, anxiety and loss, but also the hope that followed and the pursuit – and discovery - of real happiness. The songs, for us, are a letter to the self; a reminder of who we are, who we've been before and everything we've experienced, but with the knowledge in hindsight that we can strive to not only maintain our happiness, but to let it flourish."