Southsea Fest 2016

This weekend Southsea Fest returns after a year off bigger and better than ever. With over 100 acts across 20 stages there is so much great music to choose from ... here are our top five acts not to miss! 

Here's Shit Present's Iona & Thom with an acoustic version of 'Anxious Type', their highly anticipated album 'Misery & Disaster' is set for release November 11th:

Doe's debut album 'Some Things Last Longer Than You' came out this month, check out their video for 'Sincere' here:

Listing all the good reasons to form a band Bear Trade describe themselves as a band “with a love of the punk and the rock and the beers and the gigs and the just having fun”:

Misgivings were founded in 2013 after a drunken chat at a squat show in hamburg, combining a love of melodic punk, drinking beers and travelling. With influences as broad as Hüsker Du,  The Replacements, Alkaline Trio Fugazi and Brian Wilson you can check out these fast rising pizza punx here with their earworm Century kicking off their debut album Delete History (released on Charlie's Big Ray Gun Records):

Bad Breeding's eponymous debut album is out now, here's 'No Progress':

Here's the full line-up ... get planning guys!