20 Cent Dreams EP release 28th April

Alternative Rock band 20 Cent Dreams are set to ratch it up a notch with their infectiously catchy new EP 'Generations'.

With catchy choruses and sing-along melodies in every song the band bring a pop rock vibe ... pop-punk to the core.

The young and ambitious Modern Rock three piece, originally formed in September of 2012, spent two years building up a local name in southern France. With their first EP released and countless shows played, the trio moved to London in October 2014 with the hope of building up a reputation in the UK, and now release their sophomore EP, “Generations” on April 28th. The band describe their music as a crossover between the currently thriving british rock scene and a more old school pop sensibility. With the catchy singalongs they are sure to be a summer favourite.

Vocalist/Guitarist Sam Threadgold speaks on the EP: "Above all I’d say that Generations is a step in the right direction for us. It sticks with the youthful experimentation we’ve always tried to have and it’s a lot more of a stamp on our identity as a band, and a much more confident and cohesive sound than we’ve had before. I’d undoubtedly claim that it’s the most honest we’ve ever sounded as a band, both musically and lyrically. It definitely represents us and where we are in our lives at the moment."

Here's a taster of their sound: