Matilda's Scoundrels

Matilda's Scoundrels have a new single Crowley's Curse and their new album is out June 10th. With a stack of major festival appearances this year including Rebellion & Boomtown we caught up with Matilda's Scoundrels at their recent Hastings show to find out more... 

So guys introduce yourselves!

We are Matilda’s Scoundrels and we’re a folk punk band from Hastings.

When did you form and how long have you been going now?

We formed in early 2014 after talking about doing so for months. We spent the first 6 months or so writing material before our first show later in the year.

Who tends to write the music and who are your influences?

Most of the time someone will be an idea for a song to the rest of us and we’ll jam, we then work together from there. Most of the time it ends up completely different to how it originally started. As for influences the genre we play is the main but we are all into different styles, which is great for writing. Most of our newer stuff has been about our home town Hastings and people that have lived here.

You seem to be doing a big push this year, we see that you have Boomtown and Rebellion confirmed, anything else that you are excited about?

2016 has gone a bit nuts for us. We’re pretty happy that we’re going to be a part of two great festivals in Boomtown and Rebellion. We also have loads of other great festivals lined up including Outcider Festival and Common Ground. Another thing we’re really excited about is that we have multiple shows with Mischief Brew, who are a big influence. Supporting Days N’ Daze in Hastings will be a great one as well.

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

Play as many shows as possible. We’re playing plenty of new places we’ve never played before as well as some of our favourite towns/cities. The end of the year is a little quiet for us gig wise, but we’re aiming to fill it recording our first album.

We didn't realise Aleister Crowley was from Hastings that is a pretty infamous influence for the new single ... do you think there is something about the seaside that inspires evil?

Aleister Crowley spent the last years of his life in Hastings and its believed he put a curse on the town. Apparently if you ever lived in Hastings you will always live there. Obviously we had to write a song about it.