EXCLUSIVE! The SLM ... New Track & New Album Teaser

We have the exclusive play right here for the first track to be released from The SLM's new album Death Jurassic ...

"Terrorsaurs" is taken from their upcoming vinyl which will be released on 14th July, check out our exclusive stream here:

Following on from the 2014 classic album Death Aquatic, The SLM release their brand new album, Death Jurassic in which these three guys with a penchant for fast punk and thrash with a comic edge, bring us a faster and better put together offering than its widely loved predecessor.

If you have yet to check them out fear not, Death Aquatic is full of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Zombies & Zombie Sharks and will be on this new vinyl pressing as the B-side to the new album, which you can also find on their Bandcamp here: 

Death Jurassic is more focused with epic new fast and fun tracks ... once again keeping with their trashy punk style including songs about nuclear bombs, beasts, mad science and mythical dragons. You are in for a real treat with this one - and to celebrate The SLM are setting out on a 7-day tour, starting on the 14th of July at the edge of the Wedge in Portsmouth then heading to Aberdeen, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Leeds and Birmingham (full details below).

The record will be released on CBRG Records / Shatterpunk Distro, Food Waste records, Autonamonster Records, Smegma Records and Angry Scenes Records.

Go check these guys out on one of their live dates and be prepared to bang your head, sing along and have some Jurassic fun!