Krista Papista - Interview

Photo Credit  BLØR

Photo Credit BLØR

We chatted to Krista Papista this week, an emerging artist whose self-coined “Sordid Pop” blends Electronica with a Punky Pop edge ... like a cross between the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Charli XCX with a Riot Grrrl attitude.

So you started your musical journey at 14 creating songs at home, what first turned you on to music in a big way?

Music and movies always used to blow my mind. They made more sense than reality to me, or reality made sense because of music and movies. I think I realized I wanted to just do music when I learned guitar chords as a teenager, after a few years I learned how to use electronic software programs which excited the f**k out of me ... and then finally I learned how to use cameras and editing programs in uni which made me realize I can illustrate my vision in both music and videographic terms.

You produce your music videos as well as writing music, would you say these are these thought provoking art pieces as a way of conveying your message? If so, what message would you like to get across?

Yes of course the aim is to provoke thoughts, stimulate certain emotions..there’s always room for several interpretations for each video and some of the tracks I aim to awaken certain sensitivities in people, other tracks are pure reckless music fun, other tracks are to awaken certain repressed parts/thoughts of the brain..See the message differs from song to song, the visuals change in every video therefore the concept changes and the influence of it too..but I like to polish my music and videos with a sense of a mystery, a layer of vulnerability where people can take the song and video, make it their own and give their own meaning to it, I like doing that.

Who would you site as your musical influences ... your work seems to draw on a range of genres?

My taste in music, in food and in people is ridiculously broad. But some musicians and certain songs have taken a precious place in my heart and musical memory;
Chet Baker
Don Mclean
Erik Satie
Arleta – Bar to navagio
Manos Hazidakis
Serge Gainsbourg
Maria Callas
Lou Reed
Groovezone – eisbaer
Andy Williams – Moon River
Johnee Mercer – Personality
Tom Petty
The who
Sex Pistols
Bikini Kill
The Zombies
Scissor Sisters
Pet shop boys
You know I really love this new band called “Misun”
Manos Loizos
Haris Alexiou
Anna Vissi
Yazoo – Only you

How about your creative process, what really inspires you to create particular songs? Are your songs sometimes autobiographical or social comment?

Sometimes I’ll be out and I get a melody stuck in my head, I kind of know if it’s a good one or a shit one..I record it on my phone..then I go home and play around on my keyboard with the melody, then I open my notebook and start composing the song..the process might take from 2 weeks to 2 years depends on what’s going on.. My songs are sometimes about what happened to me, sometimes I write about what happened to other people, sometimes I write about what I wish would have happened but most songs are just my enthusiasms.

Are you very image conscious? You have a great unique look. We think the strong elements that really have teeth blended with the stripped back piano in your new single “I Wish I Had Blue Eyes”really echo the Kinderwhore fashion associated with the whole Riot Grrl scene.

 Image conscious, yes of course I am aware of it if I’m into visuals..I appreciate a good sense of style, taste in clothes is a beautiful thing but it’s really not a big deal..Yes I obviously love the Riot Grrl scene..:)

If you had to pick out one female icon in music to celebrate who who it be and why?

Kathleen Hannah cause she did actually make a change. Watch the “The Punk Singer” documentary. Also Maria Callas, her music makes me cry, the way she sings.

What about the lads, is there a male icon in the music industry you would love to work with?

Of course; I’d love to work with Mike Handreas and Robert Alfons ... perhaps with both of the them on the same track. Also I would love to work with Pete Doherty, I don’t care what anyone says..I think his great.

How do you see the music scene generally in 2016. Is there anything you would change if you had a chance?

I think there’s a lot of exciting bands coming out right now..there’s something fresh happening in this post-internet music era..i think people don’t go out that much to gigs of up n’ coming bands as much as they used to..also there’s not much money involved in music anymore and I mean it would be great if everyone listened to more to Armenian music but who gives a shit

Where would you like to see yourself this time next year, any burning ambitions?

Yeah I want be happy.