Icebreaker 2016 - Galleries

Aviv & The Eunuch Horn at The Honest Politician who describe themselves as an ethnically ambiguous abstraction of rock music, born from the promise of intertwined fingers. 

All set to record their debut album this year, Belligerence stormed The Wedgewood Rooms

Bittertown Mary's at the Deco

The Bleechers at The Edge Of The Wedge

Broken Links 3-piece death electro-pop-rock 3-piece at The Fat Fox

El Morgan at The Atrium

Hang Dai at The Loft

Lucky 13 at The Edge Of The Wedge

Science Of Eight Limbs at The One Eyed Dog

Fast punkers The SLM brought the Zombie-shark-core at The Deco and even incited a "Sharkle-pit"

These Septic Stars at Al Burrito's

ZenthetiX at The Wedgewood Rooms