Dials Festival Preview

DIALS is a brand new collaborative festival across 5 venues in Albert Road, Southsea, Portsmouth next Saturday 3rd October.

Festival Director Abbie Eales explained “We aim to nurture and promote the cultural life of Portsmouth by presenting a range of exciting and musical acts, across all genres, to lead to greater musical awareness, education, and the continuance of the growth of the cultural life of the city.

Dials Festival is a co-operative of venue owners, promoters and other music professionals and enthusiasts from the Portsmouth area, who are passionate about bringing the best music to the area, helping support local musicians, venues, businesses and community in the process.”

Along with national touring acts the festival also includes a selection of artists from across the south coast.

Check out the official links here for tickets and more info ...we'll see you there!

Facebook- facebook.com/dialsfestival

Twitter - twitter.com/DialsFestival

Hooton Tennis Club / Black Honey / Chloe Black / All Tvvins / Broken Hands / Alice Jemima / Kagoule / Storms / Walleater / Bones / Dog In The Snow / Lyza Jane / Wyldest / Jerry Williams / Dead Rabbits / Glass / Strange Cages / Last Heir / Peluche / Rickyfitts / The Boy I Used To Be / Kelly Kemp / El Morgan / Mok / Brandon Lebbie / Rumour Talks / Battery Hens / Popowaba / You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons / Jimmy Stuart / Bright Smoke