Breakout Festival Preview

Check out our preview of next weekend's Breakout Festival in Brighton, featuring We DenySeething Akira and Heck!

We Deny Awarded BBC Introducing: The South Opening Slot At Breakout Festival 2015

Many applied through BBC Introducing: The South to be in with a chance of performing at Breakout Festival and the winners have been chosen! Selected by a panel from The BBC and Breakout Festival, We Deny have been awarded the opening slot at this year's Breakout Festival. Check them out on the link below:

Next weekend Breakout Festival will be unleashed. After an epic festival season, rock and metal fans will play out the end of the summer 2015 with at Breakout's rock fueled blow-out. It's not just about the music this year though, Breakout Festival promises to be the best way to mark the season close with a wealth of other attractions and entertainment. Keep your eyes peeled for the rides and inflatables!

Breakout is Brighton's first and only outdoor heavy rock festival. It returns to Brighton racecourse on 26th September 2015 with a high profile line-up which includes Deaf Havana, SikTh, We Are The Ocean, The Qemists, Martyr Defiled and Heck. Last year's bill included Skindred, Funeral For A Friend, The Blackout, Silent Screams and Betraying The Martyrs. The festival attracted over 2,200 fans in its first year.

Check out our images of the awesome Heck (aka Baby Godzilla) here:

We caught up with Charlie from Seething Akira, check out the interview below:

LOUD NOISES!: Where did the name come from? Anime?

SEETHING AKIRA: Yup, I was a huge fan of Akira as a kid. When starting the bands Myspace page (yup, Myspace) I need a name fast, looked at Akira on a poster, he looked pretty annoyed… thus Seething Akira was born.


LOUD NOISES!: How long have you been going now?

SEETHING AKIRA:  Around 5 years or so.


LOUD NOISES!: So, introduce us to each band member … using three words only:


Kit Conrad – Hairy, bare-foot, Jesus

Charlie Bowes – Ginger, excitable, annoying

Harvey Ware – Young, stupid, loveable

Stu Radcilffe – Muscular, reliable, protein

Terry Brown – Mexican, Amish, rotund


LOUD NOISES!: If you absolutely had to categorize yourselves, how would you describe your sound?

SEETHING AKIRA: Punk, Electro Metal-Hop :)


LOUD NOISES!: So you’re playing Breakout Festival in Brighton next weekend, what other shows do you have coming up, it’s been a pretty busy year for you so far hasn’t it?

SEETHING AKIRA: We also have Mammouthfest the week after Breakout, and have Hammerfest early next year. Along with a nice Halloween show in Portsmouth.


LOUD NOISES!: Any new releases / new material upcoming?

SEETHING AKIRA: We’re currently writing, thus the lack of gigs. Hope to have a new EP by January. In the meantime, go checkout our latest release/video on Youtube “Airstrike”. (link below …)


LOUD NOISES!: Who is the writing genius or is it more of a fluid process, do you all pitch in ideas and bounce off each other?

SEETHING AKIRA: Theres definitely no genius here! I write the tracks, bring them to practice and then we adjust and add to them. All lyrics are written by the hairy beast that is Kit.


LOUD NOISES!: Any highlights of your experiences on the road so far you would like to share, or might you need to take legal advice before answering that one?! Anything else we need to know about Seething Akira?


SEETHING AKIRA: A 80mph beer out of the car window on the autobahn was one my favourite tour stories, so is getting a fish Tattooed on your gooch, but that ones for another day. Come get sweaty with us at a gig soon!   

Seething Akira Gallery: