Slaves - Live - Review

Kicking off their headline UK tour Slaves have already sold out most shows and added new dates. Hotly tipped by everyone from the BBC and the alternative press to the broadsheets, there is a real buzz around this Kent duo.

 Isaac Holman (Kentish man / drums / vocals) and Laurie Vincent (man from Kent … and there is a difference you know / guitarist) are what the fuss is all about, two blokes who use a guitar and drums as their weapons of choice for their creative aggressive outlets.

Support came from Glasgow’s energetic Baby Strange and the thick sound of Joy Division-esque Crows speaking to the DIY hand-picked nature of the Slaves beast, Laurie previously siting Joy Division as influential.

The interval Ska tunes helped build an eclectic atmosphere and as the backdrop ambiance slowly turned into the dated likes of INXS and Fine Young Cannibals a far more jovial feeling descended over the venue. Within the first few seconds of the opening song drinks were already flying with the impatient rowdy crowd feeding off the pair’s raw primal energy. 

Soon Isaac's full lycanthropic transformation from smartly-dressed lad to the fully invested could give a **** performer was complete. Apparently “it’s nice to share” and the pinned in front row were treated to some much needed alcopop re-hydration. 

Both Laurie and Isaac took great pleasure diving into the crowd multiple times, this really was a show the audience could participate in. With a journalist skulking at the back the pair called him out to crowd surf the whole way through their latest release "Cheer Up London" which to his credit he did a great job of. Mind the gap indeed lads. 

Slaves were quick to spot an imposter mantaray in the crowd and brought the guy up on stage for the epic "Feed The Mantaray"for a mantaray fiiiiiight, much hilarity ensued the official mantaray skulked off stage. Slaves certainly inspire their audience ... the imposter mantaray went to considerable effort which was much appreciated by the lads and their shows are always inclusive and the crowd can really feel a part of the action. 

Constant amusing banter made the night run seemlessly. Slaves really prove how they have cut their teeth with extensively touring - how should a performer react when a crowd member randomly shouts something intelligable?  “That bloke is shouting at us. That’s silly he’s paid to come here, let’s all be silly together and have some fun” YES. And that is how it is done. WellHey, "A bleeding heart welcomes the sharks"

With so many great rousing tracks under their belts like "The Hunter", "Beauty Quest","White Knuckle Ride", "Ceasefire" and so many more the crowd still get a bit over excited prompting Isaac to advise "shut up about Debbie".  So as the show drew to a close out comes the Sasquatch story and "Debbie Where's Your Car" kicks in to a roar from a delighted and even rowdier crowd.

With their intelligent, upbeat and motivational brand of punk Slaves prove that if you are passionate and focused you really can make all your dreams come true, doing whatever they want from how they dress, the banter, the raucous and engaging music and primal delivery the pure entertaining showmanship ensured the crowd left with a smile and a story to tell.

Slaves debut album “Are You Satisfied?” is out June 1st. You should check it out or better yet catch them live and get involved.