Estrons - Debut Album 'You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough'

On very rare occasions, from the most destructive of places, beauty can emerge. Ever since singer Tali Källström and guitarist Rhodri Daniel met as “two strangers with disparate tastes and influences,” the two have been carving out a body of work that resembles an essence of chaos and beauty; a feeling of estrangement, an expression of morbid elegance, inspired by opposing sides. The funny thing about opposites, is they need each other in order to exist - one wouldn’t be what it is without the other.

From this place of tension, Estrons found their debut album which is due out October 5th. Ultimately, the bind that ties them is their love of creating fresh, exhilarating music, and with You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough, they’ve done just that. Beginning as an experiment, Estrons quickly became significantly more important than intended. They are simply a force that cannot be forced.

With its off-kilter rhythms, angular guitar work and clashing atmospherics, the album is both arresting and thrillingly disorienting – a fitting sound for a band of “highly driven, frustrated, volatile people.”


Vocals and instrumentals collide together throughout, creating a wild, beautiful noise – likely mirroring the self-confessed love/hate relationship between Rhodri and Tali, tied together by bassist, and long running producer, Steffan Pringle, whom they eventually convinced to join them. Despite the odds, they have captured a sound of their own. Estrons’ music “can be off-putting at first glance,” says Rhodri. “It’s only when you make your way through it that you get it. I have no time for music that doesn’t leave some sort of a mark.” And nor, evidently, does he make it.


But the best things are never easy, and nothing about Estrons – who are set to support the legendary Garbage on tour this September – is easy. Least of all Tali’s beautifully challenging lyrics, which are inspired by the raw honesty of artists like Peaches and Missy Elliott. Tali doesn’t do small talk – and you can hear that in the way she writes, which is vulnerable and assertive in equal measure, flitting between railing against people’s weaknesses, including her own, and making peace with them. “I swear I hurt you with the best intentions,” she sings on the melodic, introspective Strangers. “I’ve been trying to change myself again / Won’t you please just take me as I am?” The album, she says, grapples with societal pressures and expectations, and “the paradigm of how the perfect human should be.”

Tali has had a lot to contend with over the past few years -  raising a son as a single mother while working in an unstable industry and fighting custody battles - but writing provides her with a much-needed sense of catharsis. “I went through many court cases to simply be able to be a single mother and a touring musician,” she says. “I was constantly watched. I had social services called on me, I had police turn up to tours.” ‘Drop’, meanwhile, was written from a police cell on tour after such misunderstanding. “I was so angry, but I wasn’t allowed a pen, so I just kept chanting these lyrics,” she says. “I ended up having to go through three months of hell.”

Cameras, on which Tali sings over jagged guitars, is a message to be read in the future, written for her son, “I’ll always put a fight up for you, I’ll buy the day and night for you,” is about “that one love that can’t be broken, no matter how many times people try to break it down. You can’t fuck with that kind of love.”


For all the album’s moments of intensity, though, there are bursts of levity too. “It’s not all bleak bleak bleak,” laughs Tali. “That’s not what I’m trying to achieve with the album, I don’t want people to feel just terrible. I want to empower people, and I want to get some laughter.” Make A Man, for example is a sexualised blow out which celebrates predatory attraction and equalises outspoken lust between genders. 

Body, indictment of the “self-obsessive compulsive disorder” caused by social media, is equally tongue-in-cheek; Lilac is about the assumptions we place on gender, while the volatile ‘Killing Your Love’, which builds to a raucous, distorted frenzy before giving way to a moment of calm, is somewhere between mocking and sincere. “I originally wrote it about a specific person who I felt was a love addict,” says Tali, “but then after I wrote it, I realised we’re all terrified of being alone.” The line, “I heard you met the one… the one you met the other week,” is directed at herself as much as it is anyone else. “I like switching perspectives,” she says. “I’ll go from talking to another person to talking to myself.”


The album’s title – which is taken from the misfit anthem Aliens – has multiple targets, too. Though it sounds characteristically confrontational, Tali insists that it’s “not meant to be an argument, or an answer back. It’s just meant to be a comment on how we’re all different’. Growing up of mixed international ancestry in a proud traditional country as Wales, Aliens examines they’re proud roots but questions what it means to be of any nation in the 21st century. ‘Estrons’ in itself is a bastardised ‘Wenglish’ word for ‘Strangers’ or ‘Aliens’ in the Welsh language, which they all proudly speak.


Estrons’ album is an examination of opposites. Looking outwards and inwards at the same time, it is the sound of people coming together and pulling apart – an exploration of the human condition by two humans who could hardly be more different, who are held together by the love of their music. The album bubbles with defiance, vulnerability, humour, love and unapologetic rage. “People get made to feel ashamed for feeling angry,” says Tali. “You try so hard to kill it with love and be positive, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Sometimes you wanna be angry.” In making their debut album, Estrons have exorcised that anger – for now, at least. “Abrupt endings are common,” says Rhodri of Estrons’ songs, but he could just as easily be warning us about the band itself.


Still, through blood, sweat and tears, they’ve produced a piece of work that will survive whatever implosions are still to come.

You can catch the band live on the following dates:
09 Sep: Manchester, UK - Academy*
11 Sep: Nottingham, UK - Rock City*
12 Sep: Newcastle, UK - Northumbria SU Institute*
19 Sep: Paris, FR - L'Olympic Café
20 Sep: Rotterdam, NL - V11
21 Sep: Tilburg, NL - Cul De Sac, Psycho in Mind
22 Sep: Hamburg, DE - Reeperbahn
23 Sep: Berlin, DE - Maze
01 Nov: Leeds, UK - Belgrave Music Hall
02 Nov: Glasgow, UK - King Tut's
03 Nov: Newcastle, UK - Think Tank
07 Nov: Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen
08 Nov: Bristol, UK - Louisiana
09 Nov: Nottingham, UK - Bodega
14 Nov: Exeter, UK - Cavern
15 Nov: Birmingham, UK - Castle & Falcon
16 Nov: Brighton, UK - Green Door Store
17 Nov: Caernarfon, UK - Galeri
23 Nov: Carmarthen, UK - The Parrot
06 Dec: Cardiff, UK - Globe
07 Feb: London, UK - Scala

* Supporting Garbage

Skating Polly - 'Camelot'

Ahead of their European tour next month, Skating Polly give us a taste of what to expect with a raucous new video for Camelot”.

Camelot is a thrashy number, taken from the band’s recent album ‘The Make It All Show,’ which was released back in May. “I want something better than you… course I do” yelps and snarl’s 17-year-old Kelli Mayo, as the Tacoma-based trio prove why they’re one of the most visceral rock bands doing the rounds, dishing riffs and attitude in spades.

"There are so many moments throughout that always make me smile" she says of the new video. "I love the little kids, love the unfortunate crowd surfer who did not get caught – he’s okay! – and Arrow and Henri from Starcrawler had me cracking up through out the whole shoot. Those two are powerhouses, they never run out of energy. Also Allison Wolfe from Bratmobile crowd surfed for the first time ever in the video!”

There's a difficult to describe, yet timeless quality to certain songs that transcend genre or era. It's something that you can't fake or contrive and it's what lies at the core of Skating Polly's music. Admittedly the female-driven alternative acts that inspired the band such as Veruca Salt, X, The Breeders, L7 and Babes In Toyland (the latter of whom Skating Polly toured with in Europe) aren't typical reference points for most of today's up-and-coming bands, but maybe they should be. “The thing that we identify with in a lot of those bands is that they can be really aggressive and loud while also being super melodic,” Kelli explains, adding that the new dynamic in the band helped them to be more expansive when it came to their arrangements: “Everything happened very smoothly when Kurtis became part of the band. It just felt natural having him there and writing with him.”

Skating Polly European live dates:
6th Sept - Vera, GRONINGEN (NL)
7th Sept - Extra Blues Bar, BIELEFELD (DE)
9th Sept - Paard, DEN HAAG (NL)
10th Sept - Sebright Arms, LONDON (UK)
11th Sept - Le Pub, NEWPORT (UK)
13th Sept - The Thunderbolt, BRISTOL (UK)
14th  Sept - Firebug, LEICESTER (UK)
15th Sept - Broadcast, GLASGOW (UK)
16th Sept - Hare and Hounds, BIRMINGHAM (UK)
17th Sept - Yardbirds Rock Club, GRIMSBY (UK)
18th Sept - L’Olympic Cafe, PARIS (FR)
19th Sept - Blue Devils, ORLEANS (FR)
20th Sept - le Brin de Zinc, CHAMBERY (FR)
22nd Sept - Vortex Surfer Musikclub, SIEGEN (DE)


Black Peaks

Brighton 4 piece BLACK PEAKS release their huge, brand new single 'Electric Fires' today, Friday 3rd August. It is the 3rd new single this year, and the band will be releasing their hugely anticipated, Adrian Bushby produced (Grammy award winner for Muse, Foo Fighters) 2nd album 'All That Divides', on October 5th through Rise Records/BMG. 

Check out the single 'Electric Fires' here:


Front man Will Gardner said of the new single "'Electric Fires was one of the first songs we wrote for All That Divides, and was one that had a few live outings towards the end of the Statues tour. The song in many ways is one of our most straight-forward. Lyrically the song is a bit of a sarcastic comment on the beliefs of certain conspiracy theorists, Flat-Earthers etc. Essentially we just had fun with that idea, and wrote a song about how our Alien forefathers came here from Mars at the dawn of civilisation to build the pyramids, which, of course, 100% totally happened. Stay woke, kids."

Will Gardner on 'All That Divides' also said, "Lyrically at least, this album represents the fear of a future where freedom is restricted. Over the last two years, we as a band have been incredibly lucky to have been able to travel accross Europe and play our music. The fact this happened to take place during a period where various political changes, at home and abroad, made us focus a lot about the freedom and right to travel. We have seen people, families, relationships and countries divided by conflict and political upheaval, and our reaction to this is a core lyrical theme running through the album."

The band will also be on a full UK and European tour after the album release, with some incredible supports in tow. ALL dates and supports are below, with Worthing and London already SOLD OUT:

BLACK PEAKS UK headline show:
Thu-Oct-11- Empire, Belfast - N IRE - support from + Ilenkus + LNT
Fri-Oct-12 - Grand Social, Dublin - Ireland - support from + Ilenkus + LNT
Sat-Oct-13 – Newcastle, Cluny - support from Bossk and Gold Key
Sun-Oct-14 – Glasgow, King Tuts - support from Bossk and Gold Key
Tue-Oct-16 – Leeds, The Key Club - support from Bossk and Gold Key
Wed-Oct-17 – Manchester - Academy 3 - support from Bossk and Gold Key
Thu-Oct-18 – Birmingham, Hare and Hounds - support from Bossk and Gold Key
Fri-Oct-19 – London, Underworld - support from Bossk and Gold Key SOLD OUT
Sun-Oct-21 – Worthing, Forty Two - support from Gold Key - SOLD OUT

BLACK PEAKS European headline shows, support from Tusky and The Prestige:
Tue-Oct-23 – Gibus, Paris – France
Wed-Oct-24 – MTC, Koln – Germany
Thu-Oct-25 - Molotow Sky Bar, Hamburg – Germany
Mon-Oct-29 – Kranhalle, Munich – Germany
Tue-Oct-30 - Arena 3Raum Bar, Vienna – Austria
Wed-Oct-31 - Dynamo Werk 2, Zurich – Switzerland
Thu-Nov-1 – Magnolia, Milan – Italy
Sat-Nov-3 - Razzmatazz 3, Barcelona – Spain
Sun-Nov-4 - Moby Dick, Madrid - Spain

Full list of all other BLACK PEAKS shows in 2018:
August 18th - ArcTanGent Festival, Bristol
August 25th/26th - Reading and Leeds festival
September 1st - McMillan Fest, Nottingham
Oct 20th - Sheffield - Festiville - The Leadmill
Oct 26th - Anti-Fest - Haarlem, Netherlands at The Patronaat
Oct 27th - Groezrock Indoor, Hasselt, Belgium
Oct 28th - Anti-Fest - Wiesbaden, Germany at the Schlachthof

 Photo: Gareth Bull

Photo: Gareth Bull

DOE - New Album 'Grow Into It'

Big Scary Monsters and Topshelf Records have just announced the signing of London trio Doe, who will be releasing their second album, Grow into It, on 28th September 2018

An album about the aging process and growth, Grow Into It takes influence from bands like The Breeders and The Cars, and aims to be, "an antithesis of the overdone trope of male bands singing about rejecting adulthood and wanting to stay young and get wasted with their friends forever."

Doe’s evolution is showcased on the first single to be taken from the record – Heated. One of the first tracks written for the album and already a live hit, the dynamism of the song excitingly ebbs and flows, with Nicola and Dean (Smithers – Guitar) riffing back and forth before a Pavement-esque crescendo that is collectively one of the band’s favourite parts of the record. Watch the video below, directed by Jack Barraclough.

It’s safe to say that for indie-rock trio Doe, the last 12 months has seen a dramatic shift in their evolution as a band.

“Grow into It is an album about the ageing process and growth” explains singer and guitarist Nicola Leel. “Lyrically, I wanted to write an album about getting older that was an antithesis of the overdone trope of male bands singing about rejecting adulthood and wanting to stay young and get wasted with their friends forever. Instead, Grow into It is about finding light and freedom in age and finding autonomy in death.

“Vivid body imagery is a recurring lyrical theme, not only to evoke ideas of physical change / deterioration, but as a metaphor for the development and deterioration of personal relationships as you grow and gain perspective. 

The subject matter across the songs ranges from deciding you’re not going to accommodate others at your own personal expense anymore (Labour like I Do, Team Spirit), to realising your favourite author is a bit shit at writing women (Even Fiction)”

Embracing the theme that age is a challenging force, but ultimately positive: sonically the band have written something light and catchy that reinforces their pop sensibilities but ambitiously builds on the lyrical word-play, intertwining guitars and off kilter time signatures of their debut.

Drawing on a much wider range of influences than the last record, from The Breeders through to The Cars, the band have been more playful in their compositions; still referencing their 90’s influenced roots but reaching wider to create something unmistakably classic sounding but irresistibly modern.

 Photo Credit: Andrew Northrop

Photo Credit: Andrew Northrop

False Advertising - New Single 'You Said'

Manchester trio FALSE ADVERTISING released their new single ‘You Said’ next Friday 3rd August 2018.

The three-piece also recently announced a clutch of dates supporting Tom Hingley of legendary Manchester-based alt rock band Inspiral Carpets (see below for full dates).

Lyrically-speaking, the track is an ode to niggling doubts that build up over the decisions we make, as vocalist Jen Hingley reflects on feelings of indecisiveness over her place in the world and questions that she might be “wasting her life” by doing the things that she loves.

“This song is catharsis to me,” she explains. “Saving face over disagreements and injustices shake me up over time - I constantly look for new ways to let go and forget everything that freaks me out about the world these days. Coming together and screaming 'ahhh!' over a loud guitar riff is a pretty good way of venting frustration - it can work in the short term at least.”

Marking a period of change and growth for the band’s songwriting which has seen them step confidently into a more condensed and concentrated form of their searing and experimental alternative rock.

Historically a staunchly DIY band, the trio were invited to Paul Epworth's The Church Studio in London to record the track earlier this year, with producer Luke Pickering helping to capture the sound of a band thirsty to make the most out of a legendary studio and recording space. This single is the first of a series signifying the beginning of False Advertising's forthcoming debut album, set for release in 2019.

The band return to the live circuit this weekend to play the main stage at Kendal Calling, alongside playing further festivals including Humber Street Sesh, How To Make Friends and Waves Vienna.

unnamed (3).jpg


28/07/18 - Kendal Calling
03/08/18 – Leeds - Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen (w/ Tom Hingley)
04/08/18 – Hull - Humber Street Sesh Festival
05/08/18 – London - How To Make Friends 2018, Sebright Arms
28/09/18 – Vienna - Waves Festival
20/10/18 – London - Upgefukt Festival, Brixton Windmill
02/11/18 – Glasgow – Play (w/ Tom Hingley)

Gang Of Four - New Video

Gang of Four have just released the video for ‘Lucky’ from the band’s latest ‘Complicit’ EP. 

Arriving ahead of a new Gang of Four studio album due for release in September 2018, ‘Complicit’ is co-produced by the band’s Andy Gill, alongside Ben Hillier (Blur, Depeche Mode) and Ross Orton (M.I.A., Arctic Monkeys). The EP, from a band recently quoted as a touchstone for musicians as diverse as St Vincent, Frank Ocean, James Murphy and Pharrell Williams, also includes the single ‘Ivanka (Things You Can’t Have)’ and has already caused a stir with artwork that captions the President’s daughter with a single Russian word, замешанная, meaning ‘complicit’. 

The video itself was shot in a deliberately small space with just two Dedo lights so the light bounces of the walls to achieve the gritty neo-realist feel of 50’s Italian films. Gaoler comes across as an Homme Fatale gangster, while Gill comes across as, well, just a gangster.

‘Lucky’ also offers a commentary that is political and metaphysical. Gill says: “‘Lucky’ is about how luck defines more than we imagine. You might think of the words from Macbeth concerning life being an hour upon the stage where the walking shadow struts and frets but can change nothing. A parallel idea is that luck may have as much impact on the course of a life than anything an individual does. As in Sartre’s ‘les jeux sont faits’, action, truth, morality will always play second fiddle to luck.” Lucky identifies itself as a Gang of Four track with Gill’s serrated guitar, beneath frontman Gaoler’s alternately piteous and self-aggrandising protagonist, freighted by a taut groove from Thomas McNiece and Tobias Humble’s rhythm section. 

‘Complicit’ also zeroes in on the push/pull between Trump’s White House and the ways in which news stories are pollinated. Talking about ‘Ivanka (Things You Can’t Have)’ - which weaves into its lyrics quotes from Ivanka and her father - Gill says; “It would’ve been easy to be extremely damning about Donald Trump and of course, like everyone else, I could have called him all kinds of names. What drew me to this subject at all was the running commentary from Ivanka in the earlier stages of this administration - it was fascinating to get a kind of explanation or justification from the daughter who had already been given an official position within the White House. A lot of it was pretty funny. But although the characters in the Trump family are interesting, it’s more the ideologies and politics which they represent and enable which need describing.”

Tour Dates:
3 August HORTEN, NORWAY Bueskytterbanen
5 October LONDON, UK Indie Daze, 100 Club SOLD OUT

Gang of Four EP Artwork Lo Res-0000.jpg

Dilly Dally - New Album 'Heaven'

“This feels like the album we’d make if the band died and went to heaven,” says Dilly Dally guitarist/singer Katie Monks about her band’s upcoming second LP, aptly titled Heaven (out September 14th via Partisan Records). In a sense, that’s precisely what happened. Heaven rose from the ashes after the Toronto four-piece almost decided to call it quits following the rigorous cycle around their acclaimed debut, Sore. Instead, they’ve returned with a fierce, fiery ode to optimism, a distortion-soaked battle cry for hope and beauty in a world of darkness and doubt.

Opening track 'I Feel Free' is out now along with a video written and directed by Monks. The clip visualises the band’s struggle to breathe new life into old friendships. It shows Monks literally digging her three bandmates out of the ground, ultimately finding cathartic release in the form of a white Flying V, dug out of the fourth grave. 

Monks explains, “this song is me asking my bandmates to let go of what’s been weighing us down. We’re not going to let the past hold us back from our dreams. Let’s do this thing.”

Monks describes the sound of Heaven as “doom metal vibes with lots of positive messages.” Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Beck), she’s backed by Liz Ball (lead guitar), Benjamin Reinhartz (drums) and Jimmy Tony (bass). Collectively they weave from anthemic slate cleaners ('I Feel Free') to swamp-rock ferocity ('Doom') to epic queer tragedy ('Bad Biology') and beyond, while Monks’ singular wail remains one of the most powerful instruments in all of rock music.

Following an opening set last week for The Voidz at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere, Dilly Dally will tour extensively behind Heaven. This autumn they’ll hit the road with FIDLAR in the US with additional headline dates to follow, as well as a brief European run in October. 

Tour Dates:
Aug 18 | Ponderosa Music Festival - Rock Creek, Canada
Sept 07 | First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN *
Sept 08 | Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL *
Sept 10 | Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH *
Sept 11 | The Majestic Theatre - Detroit, MI *
Sept 12 | Phoenix Concert Theatre - Toronto, Canada *
Sept 14 - Paradise - Boston, MA *
Sept 15 | Terminal 5 - New York, NY *
Sept 16 | Union Transfer - Philadelphia, PA *
Sept 18 | 9:30 Club - Washington, DC *
Sept 19 | Cat's Cradle - Durham, NC *
Sept 21 | Cannery Ballroom - Nashville, TN *
Sept 22 | Masquerade - Atlanta, GA *
Sept 23 | Tipitina's - New Orleans, LA *
Oct 3 | Maze Club - Berlin, DE
Oct 4 | V11 - Rotterdam, NL
Oct 5 | Botanique - Brussels, BE
Oct 8 | Espace B - Paris, FR
Oct 9 | Sebright Arms - London, UK
Oct 18 | Observatory Park North - San Diego, CA *
Oct 19 | The Van Buren - Phoenix, AZ *
Oct 22 | Emo's - Austin, TX *
Oct 23 | White Oak Music Hall - Houston, TX *
Oct 24 | Canton Hall - Dallas, TX *
Oct 26 | Gothic Theatre - Denver, CO *
Oct 27 | The Depot - Salt Lake City, UT *
Oct 29 | The Vogue Theatre - Vancouver, Canada *
Oct 30 | Showbox SoDo - Seattle, WA *
Oct 31 | Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR *
Nov 02 | Fox Theater - Oakland, CA *


 Photo credit: Michelle Homonylo

Photo credit: Michelle Homonylo

 credit: Vanessa Heins

credit: Vanessa Heins

METRIC - New Single ‘Dark Saturday’

With their eagerly anticipated new album coming September 21st, METRIC have released the first single from it “Dark Saturday”, available on all streaming platforms now.

For the first time in 3 albums, guitarist Jimmy Shaw did not co-produce, preferring to hand over the production mantle to first time collaborator Justin Meldal-Johnsen who has previously worked with M83, Beck and Nine Inch Nails to name only a few. The album, which was recorded in METRIC’s own Giant Studio in Toronto, was also mixed by first time collaborator Tony Hoffer, whose countless credits include Phoenix, Depeche Mode and Air.

“Justin was just what we needed in a producer for this album”, says Jimmy. “He really saw every band member eye to eye and was able to capture what we each do best. It was something I realized I couldn’t do at this stage, having been in the band for so long. We were finally able to focus on just playing again, as we did at the start. Making this album brought us together in a way we hadn’t been for quite some time and I think you can hear it in the music.”

“This is our seventh album as a band”, says iconic frontwoman Emily Haines, “and we wanted the first song people heard from it to be “Dark Saturday” as a sonic heads up that our guitars are back in force. Lyrically, the song depicts a dystopian night life scene of gaudy wealth where oblivious party girls say nauseating things like, ‘I’m so rich everything’s free.’”

On July 12th METRIC kicked off a 38-date run of live performances in arenas across North America as special guests on the reunion tour of alternative rock legends Smashing Pumpkins. Tickets are available from
METRIC play the following UK dates in November as part of their European tour:

Sat 17th            BIRMINGHAM, O2 Institute 2
Sun 18th            GLASGOW, Queen Margaret Union
Mon 19th        MANCHESTER, O2 Ritz
Tues 20th        LONDON, O2 Kentish Town Forum

Lyrical excerpt of “Dark Saturday”:

Somewhere in the south of France, or the Caribbean Sea, she said, “I don’t need to make a living, fake diamonds got nothing on me”. I met her in the world below, she’s a tourist of the world beneath. I said, “Everything I built from nothing.” She said, “I’m so rich everything’s free.” So dark it ain’t so dark. 

Forever and never, a torch in search of a flame. To be good, get better. I change by staying the same. Forever and never, a night in search of a day. As anxious as ever, it’s such a Dark Saturday.

What’s your name and where you from? Well I’m worth your weight in gold. While we lie here in the sun, the whole wide world’s about to explode. Now our bodies intertwine, and the truth is plain to see. I said, “Everything I built from nothing.” She said, “Don’t you blame your problems on me.”

 Photo credit Justin Broadbent

Photo credit Justin Broadbent

Metric - Dark Saturday single art.jpg

Download 2018 - Preview

With Download Festival less than a week away it's definitely time to take a look at the line-up, get your camping essentials together and start planning for a great weekend 🤘

There's loads on Wednesday and Thursday as well as the weekend, check out the Cinema and Comedy schedules: 


Friday our picks on the Zippo Encore Stage are Culture Abuse, CKY and Andrew WK. Marmozets play the Main Stage and Employed To Serve and The Bronx are on the Avalanche Stage.



 andrew wk

andrew wk

 Culture Abuse  

Culture Abuse  

Saturday on the Main Stage we are looking forward to checking out The Pink Slips and Guns N' Roses headline set. Over on the Zippo Encore Stage are Bury Tomorrow, Babymetal, L7 and Parkway Drive.

Check out our L7 and Pink Slips interviews from 2015's Download here:



 The Pink Slips 

The Pink Slips 



There is no let up on Sunday with some really great bands closing the final day of the festival. On the Avalanche Stage there's A, Milk Teeth, Jamie Lenman and The Hives. On the Zippo Encore Stage there's Bodycount featuring Ice T while on the Main Stage Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne round off the weekend.

 Jamie Lenman  

Jamie Lenman  



 Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth

Download 2018 - The Pink Slips

The Pink Slips have just released their new EP 'Trigger check out the video for the title track below. 

The LA-based quintet's debut EP is out now and they've just announced shows with Guns N' Roses and L7 as well as on the Main Stage at Download next weekend.

Led by vocalist Grave, aka Grace McKagan, The Pink Slips (with by keyboardist Trent Peltz, drummer Keenan Bevans, guitarist Desi Scaglione and bassist Charlie Anastasis) cut their teeth in legendary Hollywood venues like The Troubadour and the Viper Room well before they could legally drink at the bar.

They’re raising the bar in 2018 with performances at the Download Festival and Bumbershoot, a show in Glasgow with L7 and a gaggle of international dates opening for Guns N’ Roses.

Their sound has been lauded for invoking the pinup appeal of ‘50s American rock, the sleek shimmer of ‘60s French pop, the unrelenting energy of ‘70s punk, and the dark romanticism of ‘80s new wave.

They’ve created something uniquely modern, shining a timeless creative light through a prism of youthful immediacy and potency and will definitely be one to check out at Download next weekend.

“There’s a saying that you should make music you want to hear,” says McKagan. “So we’ve been writing with that in mind. The songs on this EP are songs we want to hear. Hopefully, you’ll want to hear them, too.”

Check out our interview from Download 2015 here:


Catch The Pink Slips on Tour – dates are as follows:

Fri 8 Jun - UK, London, Black Heart [Headline Show]

Sat 9 Jun - UK, Donnington, Download Festival 

Sun 10 Jun - Glasgow at Garage w/ L7 

Tue 12 Jun - Germany, Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena w/ Guns N' Roses

Fri 15 Jun- Italy, Firenze, Firenze Rocks 

Mon 18 Jun - France, Paris, Download Festival 

Wed 20 Jun - Belgium, Antwerp, Kavka [Headline Show]

Thu 21 Jun - Belgium, Dessel, Graspop Festival 

Sat 23 Jun - Germany, Köln, Blue Shell [Headline Show]

Sun 24 Jun - Germany Mannheim  Maimarktgelände   w/ Guns N' Roses

Tue 26 Jun - France, Bordeaux, Matmut Stadium  w/ Guns N' Roses

Thu 28 Jun - Spain, Madrid, Wurlitzer Ballroom [Headline Show]

Fri 29 Jun - Spain, Madrid, Download Festival 

IDLES - 'Colossus'

IDLES have shared a new song and video this week, 'Colossus' is the first new material since their glorious self-released debut album 'Brutalism'. Check it out the video below.

Excited to see what their new material had to offer we eagerly gave it a listen. First off the track pounds out a bassline like an alarm and the overall pace seems more subdued than expected, in a great way with layers of sound grabbing you and pulling you along for the ride. The track builds in its intricacies with a full sound rising into a crescendo of angst. 

That beautiful bass is isolated and kicks back in as if the event the alarm was signalling has finally arrived. While listening along without looking at the time counter the only thought that crosses your mind is please let this be a breakdown and not the end of the track.

But it's okay "it's coming", the next part submerges you into the full on fury of their sound with a full on assault on your eardrums.

Bring on the album guys, in short, still magnificent.

Actually Colossal.

Check out our article from their performance at Record Store Day last year here:



Reef, The Wildhearts & Terrorvision UK Tour - May 2018

"In a glorious collision of anthemic British rock, three of the most entertaining, feel-good and party-hard bands the UK has produced are coming together to wage war on boredom, mediocrity and probably each other" this month.

Following huge demand, Reef, The Wildhearts & Terrorvision, added 3 extra nights to their tour in Leeds, Bristol and Portsmouth. 

Terrorvision's Tony Wright said; "It’s going to be great to find out what was going on in the 90s and what it sounded like. I’ve seen the pics and so I know we were there – but to experience it first-hand will be ace!"

Reef’s Gary Stringeron the tour; "Really amped to be hitting the road this May and joining up with the guys from Terrorvision and The Wildhearts, it’s gonna be a blast! See you there, happy  days."

Ginger  of  The  Wildhearts throws down the challenge; "We are honoured to be a part of this legendary tour. Mainly because it means that we’re still alive, but also because it gives us a chance to prove that we were always the best band of this whole bunch."

Tour Dates:






Tickets  are  available  NOW  via  this  link Place  Your  Hands  high,  drink  Tequila,  neck  a  Caffeine  Bomb  and  find  out  which  heavyweight  champion  will  crush  the  opposition.  Pick  sides  as  Britrock  Must  Be  Destroyed!!



The Plainviews - Debut EP 'A Million Different Ways of Saying Nothing At All'

The Plainviews have announced that their debut EP 'A Million Different Ways of Saying Nothing At All' is due out on May 11th via Bristol DIY label Invisible Llama Music. The Plainviews feature members of IDLES (Adam 'Dev' Devonshire +Jon Beavis) and The St Pierre Snake Invasion (Damien Sayell) and were formed through friendship, some form of functional alcoholism, and a proclivity for the inane.

The Plainviews have gained recognition in Bristol for their acerbic and visceral ‘alt-rock’ songs about nothing. To celebrate the upcoming EP, the band have released an accompanying videofor lead single ‘Bladerunner’, illustrated and directed by the wonderfully talented Tommy Norm.

The band say: "Here's the video for our first single, Bladerunner, all because we thought it would be funny to make an animated video for a song with one line."

Live Dates:

May 11th
Exchange, Bristol w Heavy Lungs, Twisted Ankle + Sugar Horse

June 20th
The Shacklewell Arms, London w Heavy Lungs + TBA



The Maple State - EP & ‘The Motorbike and The Closest of Calls’ Single

THE MAPLE STATE Release Surprise EP & ‘The Motorbike and The Closest of Calls’ Single

In Spring 2014, The Maple State front man Greg Counsell was walking to work when he was run over by a motorbike. When the police visited him in hospital they told him that the only thing that stopped him from breaking his neck was the rucksack that cushioned his head when he hit the road.

“It was all pretty gruesome and I ended up needing some serious surgery on my leg,” says Counsell of the story behind the track. “I spent the next few weeks in hospital and most of the summer trying to walk again. As with any brush with death it made me reflect on things a little. Soon after, I quit my job and started working towards a career in wildlife conservation, I also started writing songs again; sowing the seeds of what would become The Things I Heard At The Party.

“This song started out as a poem, I had pages and pages of verses that I just added to each day. I might release a director’s cut at some point with all the cut lines put back in. Richard and I worked on the song for weeks, we were conscious of trying to capture that feeling of the later The Streets albums, where Mike found that perfect balance between poignancy  and hope. He always had a clear message, that’s what I was going for here in the chorus, a simple clean line that speaks so much more. I believe this to be the best song we’ve ever written.”

The B-sides that make up the rest of the new EP were all written and recorded by Counsell over the years between their Say, Scientist EP and the new album. ‘Bones’ is a recording from the session with producer Al Groves that would have been the band’s debut album back in 2008, ‘Anne-Sophie’ was a song Counsell wrote and demoed in 2010 when he stepped out of his comfort zone and hit the road, and ‘Little Swede’ was a labour of love, recorded in 2012 with David Coyle at The Royal Northern College of Music, with the band going all out on the production, bringing in brass and strings to build the ending.

You can stream the full EP here:


Download Festival 2018 - New Acts Added!

Download Festival, the champion of rock events, has today announced the grand return of WWE NXT LIVE! to the hallowed grounds of Donington Park. Fans will be electrified with incredible displays of skill and athleticism, as the hugest names in sports entertainment deliver the fully-fledged NXT show to a full-scale ring in the festival arena. Not only that, but 21 more exciting names have been added to the bill including Andrew W.K, Hell Is For Heroes, Avatar, Bad Religion, and more. Download Festival is the only place in the world where fans can experience the exhilarating world of WWE NXT alongside the world’s biggest rock stars, across June 8 – 10. Tickets are available now from

Alongside headliners Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N’ Roses and Ozzy Osbourne, massive NXT names Aleister Black, Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream, Ricochet, Nikki Cross, Shayna Baszler, Kairi Sane, The Undisputed ERA and many more will descend upon Download for a weekend of high flying manoeuvres, action-packed matches and unexpected surprises along the way. NXT has made a massive impact at the festival in previous years, performing to capacity crowds throughout the weekend, featuring impressive debuts, shocking returns and the exciting action even spilling over into band's performances, this year is set to be even bigger and better.


Andrew W.K.

Andy Copping Said: “I am incredibly fired-up to welcome WWE NXT back to Download Festival. This festival exclusive marriage of rock and wrestling is totally unique and the only place where you can see the world’s most legendary rock stars and the brightest WWE prospects together. If previous years are anything to go by this is going to be the biggest most fun weekend ever.”

WWE NXT Superstar Aleister Black Said: “I've been a music guy all my life.  Getting to combine the two things that I love the most, metal and sports entertainment, on one of the most exciting stages in the world and to perform for a fanbase that understands me and is responsible for my success will make this an unforgettable experience."

Be prepared to run away with the metal circus as Avatar make an unmissable Main Stage appearance. On the Zippo Encore stage, the undisputed King Of Partying Andrew W.K is making his way back to Donington, whilst Hell Is For Heroes set the blueprint for post noughties British alt-rock and make their overdue Download debut. Cross over nu-metal skate punks CKY also join the stage for a serving of sludgy riffs, as well as three-time Grammy nominated Nothing More who have ridden wave of success bolstered by the electrifying frontman Johnny Hawkins.


Culture Abuse

The Avalanche Stage presented by Kerrang! Radio’s Fresh Blood gets even bigger as pivotal punk outfit Bad Religion have been confirmed as the final headliners with nearly four decades under their belt. Also added are UK up and comers Black Foxxes who have catapulted themselves through the British rock scene with a raw edge that have made them undeniable ones to watch, seminal Suffolk band A who are fresh from supporting Hell Is For Heroes, plus harmonious punk foursome Bad Cop / Bad Cop and more.

Other names announced today include Culture Abuse, Lawnmower Deth, Starcrawler, Ded, Being As An Ocean, Ecca Vandal, Igorrr, Loathe, Kaiser Franz Josef, Helpless, Cellar Darling, Anchor Lane.

Full line up:

Avenged Sevenfold / Guns N’ Roses / Ozzy Osbourne

A / Alexisonfire / All Them Witches / Anchor Lane /  Andrew W.K / Asking Alexandria / Avatar / BABYMETAL / Bad Cop/Bad Cop / Bad Religion / Baroness / Being As An Ocean / Black Foxxes /  Black Stone Cherry / Black Veil Brides / Blessthefall / Body Count Ft. Ice T / Boston Manor / Bullet For My Valentine / Bury Tomorrow / Cancer Bats / Cellar Darling /  CKY/  Corrosion Of Conformity / Cradle Of Filth / Culture Abuse / Dead Cross / DED / Blooms / DragonForce / Dream State / Emmure / Employed To Serve / Gold Key / Greta Van Fleet / Hatebreed / Helpless / Higher Power / Igorrr /  In This Moment / Inglorious / Jamie Lenman / Jonathan Davis / Kaiser Franz / Knocked Loose / Koyo / Kreator / L7 / Lawnmower Deth / Less Than Jake / Loath / Malevolence / Marilyn Manson / Marmozets / Mayday Parade / Meshuggah / Milk Teeth / Miss May I / Monster Truck / Myke Gray / Myrkur / Neck Deep / No Hot Ashes / Parkway Drive / Plini / Powerflo / Puppy / Rise Against / Rolo Tomassi / Savage Messiah / Shinedown / SHVPES / Sleep Token / Starcrawler / Stick To Your Guns / Stray From The Path / Sun Arcana / TesseracT / The Bottom Line / The Bronx / The Faim / The Hives / The Hyena Kill / The Maine / The Pink Slips / The Struts / The Temperance Movement / Thrice / Thunder / Thy Art Is Murder / Tigress / Turbonegro / Volbeat / Von Hertzen Brothers / Wayward Sons / Whiskey Myers / Woes / WSTR / You Me At Six / Zeal & Ardor

ASH - New Album 'Islands' & First Single 'Buzzkill'

Ash will release new album 'Islands' on May 18, via Infectious Music (a return to the label home through which they previously released #1 albums '1977' and 'Free All Angels'), ahead of an appearance on home turf as part of the Belfast Biggest Weekend line-up on May 26.

Check out new single 'Buzzkill' here which features The Undertones' Damien O'Neill and Mickey Bradley on backing vocals.

Speaking about the track, Ash's singer/guitarist Tim Wheeler says; "The day I wrote Buzzkill, it took me a while to stop laughing cos it’s so fun, dumb and full of unnecessary swearing. We used to know a band called Buzzkill in Belfast in the 90s and I think their name has been in my mind for all that time wanting to get into a song. Having seen The Undertones playing a couple of times recently I was guiltily thinking how much the backing vocals I’d written for Buzzkill were mimicking their style. So I thought it would only be right to ask Damien and Mickey to sing on it and we were honoured when that they said yes, despite all the filthy cussing. It’s a fun song and will hopefully ignite a few mosh-pits for us this year.”

This is their first album since 2015’s Kablammo! And 25 years on from their emergence as teenagers on Belfast’s DIY scene.

Produced by Tim Wheeler, Islands is the band’s seventh studio album with additional production from Mark Hamilton, Rick McMurray and Claudius Mittendorfer – who also mixed the album at the band’s studio in New York, the full track-listing is:

True Story
Confessions In The Pool
All That I Have Left
Don’t Need Your Love
Did Your Love Burn Out?
Silver Suit
It’s A Trap
Is It True?
Incoming Waves

Islands is released on May 18th via Infectious Music  on CD, LP, Ltd LP (silver vinyl), cassette and digitally.

The band will be confirming a run of lives dates imminently, meanwhile they will be appearing as follows:

05.05.18   LEEDS   Live At Leeds festival purchase tkts here
26. 05.18  BELFAST     BBC Biggest Weekend festival

Rockaway Beach 2018

The Horrors are the latest addition to the line-up for Rockaway Beach, the Essex five-piece will headline on Friday, hot on the heels from a spell supporting Depeche Mode during their Global Spirit tour. The Horrors’ fifth album, 'V', was released earlier this year.
Already confirmed as headlining Rockaway Beach are Wild Beasts (on Saturday) and Alabama 3 (on Sunday), the line-up also includes The Orb, British Sea Power and Peter Hook & The Light.


Speaking on the announcement that Wild Beasts are coming to an end, festival curator Ian Crowther commented, "like all Wild Beasts fans I am devastated to hear that the band is coming to an end  - but I am equally excited to hear what the future holds for them. I'm thrilled that Rockaway Beach will be a central part of the band's farewell celebrations next year. We have a whole host of on-site activities planned in order to make this a fitting sendoff for one of this country's greatest bands, and the ultimate experience for all the fellow Boy Kings looking to hoot & howl one last time, including a late-night Wild Beasts deep cuts party, a Wild Beasts pub quiz and plenty, plenty more. Cheerio Chaps, Cheerio Goodbye."

Rockaway Beach is always a great festival with an great atmosphere and eclectic line-up. Check out our feature from the Festival last year below for a taste of the seaside treats you can expect!


Prices currently start at £75 per person for room-only accommodation for the entire three-night festival!


Andrew W.K.

It’s safe to say, nobody has partied harder, longer or more fervently than the undisputed King of Partying himself, Andrew W.K.. A one-man music machine possessed of a single-minded, monomaniacal focus to spread a singular message: That to party is to exist. And to exist is to party.


Having revealed his new album 'You're Not Alone' is out on the 2nd March 2018, he is also touring the UK in April.


On You're Not Alone, Andrew W.K.’s first studio album of entirely new rock songs in nearly twelve years, the party is reborn, delivering everything one would want and expect of an Andrew W.K. record — high octane, full throttle rock ’n’ roll powered by buoyant, infectious, and triumphant melodies. His music, always a music of extremes, relentlessly upbeat and celebratory, now also explores nuance and contradiction.

These songs are a path to self-actualization. They are permission to admit vulnerabilities, and encouragement to feel empowered. They are reflections on freedom, hedonism and responsibility. It is a confirmation of everything you are, rejection of all you are not, and at times, a blurring of the difference between the two. Doubt becomes certainty, confusion becomes clarity, and the fear of life becomes the courage to live it completely. The album reveals itself through double meanings, mirrored outlooks ringing equally true, even at their most severely discordant.

Andrew W.K. has lived a life explaining that to reach a state of grace and acceptance, one must embrace both the shadow and the light, the pain and the joy, all that is known and unknown, the stability as well as the chaos of life, its speed and torpor. Understanding this, Andrew W.K. suggests, is at the foundation of what partying eventually reveals to us. And by harnessing the power of partying - and celebrating the puzzles and pressures of life - we find the key to change and evolution comes from both inside and out, when we're together and on our own.

That inner voice, the music of our consciousness, becomes our guide. Trust it. Follow it. Through good times and bad, ups and downs, highs and lows. Realize that just being able to hear it conveys something fundamental to your being:

You’re not alone.

UK Tour Dates:

13-Apr-18 Cardiff Great Hall
14-Apr-18 London O2 Kentish Town Forum
15-Apr-18 Birmingham O2 Academy
18-Apr-18 Norwich Waterfront
19-Apr-18 Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
20-Apr-18 Manchester O2 Ritz
21-Apr-18 Glasgow Garage


Pearl Jam - Summer 2018 Tour

Pearl Jam will embark on a fourteen-date European tour in June and July of 2018 including two shows at the O2 Arena June 18th and 19th.

October 22, 2015 officially marked 25 years of Pearl Jam performing live. Ten studio albums, hundreds of unique live performances and official live concert bootleg releases later, the band continues to be critically acclaimed and commercially successful, with over 85 million albums sold worldwide and a 2017 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The band’s summer tour kicks off on June 12th in Amsterdam, NL and wraps up on July 14th in Lisbon, PT.  This tour marks the band’s first performance in Rome since 1996 and first ever concerts in Padova, IT and Kraków, PL.

A special ticket pre-sale begins today for current Pearl Jam Ten Club members. General public tickets for the O2 Arena go on sale Friday, December 8th at 11AM. Check for updates.

Pearl Jam’s full European tour dates are as follows:

Tues 12thAMSTERDAM NL, Ziggo Dome

Fri 15thLANDGRAAF NL, Pinkpop Festival

Mon 18thLONDON, O2 Arena

Tues 19thLONDON, O2 Arena

Fri 22ndMILAN IT, I-Days Fetsival

Sun 24thPADOVA IT, Stadio Euganeo

Tues 26thROME IT, Stadio Olimpico

Sun 1stPRAGUE CZ, O2 Arena

Tues 3rdKRAKÓW PL, Tauron Arena Kraków

Thurs 5thBERLIN DE, Waldbühne

Sat 7thWERCHTER BE, Rock Werchter Festival

Tues 10thBACELONA ES, Palau St. Jordi

Thurs 12thMADRID ES, Mad Cool Festival

Tues 24thLISBON PT, NOS Alive Festival

In celebration of Pearl Jam's legendary, sold out performances at Wrigley Field during the Chicago Cubs historic World Series championship season, Pearl Jam recently released documentary film Let’s Play Two and accompanying soundtrack album. Full details at


Inheaven - UK Tour 2018

upload (2).jpg

Following sold out shows throughout the UK and an epic set at London’s ScalaINHEAVEN have announced further tour dates in 11  venues across the UK set for early 2018.
INHEAVEN’s adrenaline-fuelled live experience has proceeded their reputation following consulving sets across sold out venues and pack out festival tents in the UK and Europe, including an epic set at Reading, check out our Saturday coverage here: 

upload (1).jpg

In their short history, INHEAVEN have earned influential admirers such as The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, who released their track ‘Regeneration’ on his Cult Records label, as well as DJs Annie MacHuw StephensSteve LamacqChris HawkinsChris Martin and John Kennedy.
The band’s self titled album was released in September to a wave of critical acclaim. Produced by Tom Dalgety (Royal BloodPixies, The Maccabees) and recorded at Rockfield StudiosINHEAVEN’sdebut is the sound of a band who are set to change the lives of teenagers the length and breadth of the nation, and beyond. The life-affirming energy of their music combined with their individualistic ethos combine to make a band worth investing in beyond simply adding a few tracks to your Spotify playlist.
After playing a sold out UK and European tour this autumn, INHEAVEN are set to embark upon an extended UK tour. Full dates:

unnamed (1).png