Dead Like Juliet - Interview / New Single "Heading For The Sun"

Hey Ale, thanks for taking the time out to chat to us!

The new video for Heading For The Sun is out now ... so what´s the song about? 

Heading For The Sun is a song about finding your own identity. We are all influenced by the ideals and morals of this society, sometimes in a very bad way. We, as individuals, have to decide on our own what is right and what is wrong, and we must not listen to those, who try to force their beliefs on us. We want to break out from this boring routine, where the best things you can achieve is to have a successful career, to drive a nice car and to act like a happy family.

A good friend of us used to sing: "Get born, work, die. That´s what we are all made for." In fact, we sometimes seem to be like machines that have to work for this system. And I personally think, that you can only achieve happiness in life, if you stick to your own beliefs and keep following your own goals and dreams. That´s what we wanted to express with this song. In a metaphorical sense, we try to reach the sun, even if everyone else says, it´s impossible. Don´t believe in what you hear from the people around you, most of them are poor little liars. 

What else do you have coming up, are you out on the road and what are your plans for 2016? 

On March 19th we are going to release our new record "Tempest“ and have a nice release party with our friends in Skyshape and The Giving.  Before that we will also upload the lyric video for another song of the EP called "The Uprising“. 

After the release we will play a lot of weekenders around Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland to promote our record and of course we will also be part of our local festivals! We are currently working on a big tour in summer, but that´s nothing fixed yet. But regarding shows we are very excited for this year to come. 

How do you get inspired musically and what is your creative process? 

Well, musically we have a lot of different tastes. The only thing we have in common, is that we all like to listen to heavy music. But besides Punk and Metal we also listen to a lot of different kinds of music, like Classic Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, folk, just to mention a few. Thom and I had a discussion a few weeks ago and came to the point, that a good musician is able to get inspired from many different styles of music, always picking the elements he personally likes and extending his musical knowledge this way.  

So when we are writing songs, very often our rythm guitarist Martin comes along with the riffs and the structure of the songs, lead guitarist Thom adds some epic melodies, keyboarder Magge goes for the atmospherical keys while bassist Michi and drummer Flo work on the rythmical elements. 

Lyrically, I get inspired by the things, that happen around me and in the world and by personal experiences and emotions. I would lie if I wouldn´t admit, that I also get inspired a lot by good books. When I wrote the lyrics for „The Uprising“, I couldn´t stop thinking about that special sequence in „The Lord Of The Rings“. On the other hand, the song „You Never Know“ is inspired by life experiences and it´s about the fear of losing our loved ones. 

If you had to describe each band member in only 3 words, what would they be? 

I´ll keep it simple this time: 

Ale: bear, beer, breee 

Martin: laughter, mastermind, toast 

Thom: dreamer, nature, hairy 

Magge: passion, organizer, toilet-brush 

Michi: party, party, party 

Flo: machine, tidiness, in-ear-monitoring 

What else do we need to know about you guys? 

You need to know that we love to create music and to play our songs in front of people. We don´t care if there are 5.000 or 5 listeners, we will always give our best. We don´t have a label and all of our work is done by ourselves. We like to travel and we absolutely love to make new friends and to talk to everyone, who attends our shows! You need to know that money isn´t and will never be our motivation to do what we do, we are a bunch of simple guys, who love music. 

Check out the video for Heading For The Sun here!